Bamboo Roll Up Stands

Bamboo Roll Up Stands


Choose quality bamboo stands with creative designs for your home, office and events!

  • Graphic printed on satin material for elegant look
  • Excellent for indoor retail use
  • Made from natural bamboo
  • Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing

Our Bamboo Roll up Stands is perfect for displaying information publicly and promoting an event or business. Essentially, if you're setting up a display table or event, you can place a 33" x 78" graphic on one of our Custom Bamboo Roll Up stands. These stands will hold your graphic up vertically, which means that anyone who passes it by will be able to see it.

This allows you to do two things. One, the graphic will be able to catch the eye and draw people your way. Two, it'll allow you to answer some basic questions via a combination of graphics and text. When people have their questions answered in this way, they'll be less likely to ask the same basic questions over and over again.

What separates the Bamboo Roll up Stands from other Roll up Stands is, simply enough, the fact that they're made of bamboo. This helps to make them sturdy and especially lightweight. This also makes them an environmentally friendly way for you to get your point across: bamboo is a renewable resource, which makes it a better option than something like PVC, which can cause great damage to the environment.

So if you want to show off your ideas, draw people's attention, and remain environmentally friendly while doing so, Bamboo Roll up Stands may very well be for you.