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Fitted Table Cover

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  • Fitted Table Cover

    Fitted Table Covers from Best of Signs: Marketing with a Difference! Made from high quality fabric, a three-sided fitted table cover is a fabulous yet economical way to give your display table a polished look at tradeshows and help you meet your advertising goals and objectives. Stitched to fit, you…

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    4' x 2.5' @ $125.00 only
  • Stretch Table Cover

    table covers-zipper back is that; these are designed to stretch to offer the perfect fit instead of simply covering your table like a traditional cover. As the name implies, four-sided stretch table covers the top and all four sides of the table to the floor. Customized 3-sided stretch table covers:

    4' x 2.5' @ $130.00 only
  • Convertible/Adjustable Table Cover

    …a convertible drape, adjustable table covers offer a versatile and economical solution as these can easily be adjusted to fit your display table. Originally designed for larger 8 feet tables, these covers can be converted with ease to fit smaller 6 feet tables. Making use of pre-attached fasteners,…

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    6' x 2.5' @ $215.00 only
  • Round Fitted Table Cover

    fitted table covers are growing in popularity for supporting marketing campaigns. The differences between a fitted table cover and a draped table cover is that a fitted table cover perfectly fits all corners. Available in different sizes and finish, you can select from our range of table covers

    31.5'' x 29'' @ $80.18 only
  • Round Stretch Table Cover

    tables a renewed look while at the same time presenting an incredible opportunity to advertise your brand. Offering the perfect fit, custom stretch table covers from us are perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor settings. The stretch fabric used in the designing of these covers allows the cover to…

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    31.5'' x 29'' @ $84.17 only
  • Round Spandex Table Top Cover

    table top cover is the most recent type of custom table cloth collection developed by BestOfSigns. No matter your table topper is round or rectangular, we could fit it for you. Different from all the types we launched before, our rectangular or round elastic table covers are used for table's topper…

    31.5'' x 31.5'' @ $65.00 only
Sort by:
1 - 6 of 6

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Best of Signs is a reputed name in the promotional merchandise world, offering marketing products of high quality and durability.

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