5 Steps to Choose Lettering for your Boat


It is amazing to own a boat of your own. It is a great hobby and also helps you have great fun and also allows you to endorse your product or business campaign in the waters! Get your boat ready and flaunt it in style with some advertising. It sure is easy and can be quickly done. Boats are often named and this can be easily done with vinyl lettering. Be it simple lettering of the boats name or advertising, it is easy and simple to set up and will surely make a lot of heads turn.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while getting vinyl lettering…

  • Get the best quality: There are a lot of different types of vinyl lettering available in the market which may or may not be the best for your business. Make sure to choose the best and only then go ahead with advertising. It is a great idea to have a lettering which is of premium quality and won’t tarnish or wear out in the water. Cheap boat lettering should be good enough to withhold the effect of being in water for a long time.
  • Get letters in individual quality or supply store: Either way you need to make sure that the quality is maintained. It is worth the effort even if you have to take some time off from your work and hunt for the right kind of lettering for your business.
  • Add night safety if you order your boat lettering in reflective boat lettering decals: There are many companies that sell custom reflective boat lettering decals. There are even places online whereby you can design your boat lettering online and see the results before ordering, which will give you a very good idea before you actually select the lettering. Also, it is a great idea as it will increase your customer base and will attract eyeballs 24*7.
  • Installation of a custom made boat lettering decal:Several manufacturers recommend a wet method of boat lettering installation, which is the easiest. Online sites are the best way to reach out to the maximum number of people in the easiest way as they have ready made preferences for boat decals. This will not only make your boat stand out but also make people take notice of your advertisement in the shortest amount of time.

Keep in mind these pointers while you install the lettering on your boat…

  • A good layout and measurement is the only way you can make the letters look like a professional would install, hence make sure that they are selected properly and stand out among the other designs.
  • Don’t buy boat numbers cut straight and try to install them on the bow of the boat as they will appear curved down and would look like a frown because the bow is curved in and up.
  • If you want to lay on perfect numbers on the bow of a boat you need to tack some “butcher” paper to the bow with masking tape. Sketch the lines of the boat hull onto the paper for a good result.
  • On removing the butcher paper and laying it on a flat table you will see that the lines are curved up. Hence, make sure the vinyl lettering company distorts the numbers to match your legend line. Repeat the procedure for the starboard side as well. You cannot use the same straight cut numbers on both the port and starboard bow if you want a professional look.

Lettering for boats is a great technique and it is guaranteed to get you a lot of people to take notice of the advertisement as well as get you a fresh and new audience. It will make sure that the people like the way it is presented and also get you a whole new lot of potential customers. if you are just getting lettering for the sake of getting a name for your boat, even then it is a great idea and it will make sure that the people will like the way you classify your boat as being different than the other ones which are the basic ones.

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