Do You Really Need Church Banners and Signs?

In the age of digital marketing, do you really need church banners and signs to spread awareness for your church and promote your services and events?

Absolutely, you do!

Banners and signs are more important than ever. Better still, they are more affordable, durable, and eye-catching than ever before due to the latest print technology we use.

The real question to ask yourself is, “Which are the best types and styles of banners and signs for my church?”

That’s exactly what we’re going to explain, along with why outdoor signage is a smart and effective way to promote and market your church services (even in this age of email and social media marketing).

Why You Need Quality Church Signage

If you want to promote your church and get more people through the door, you need to use a variety of methods. Digital marketing is one method, and it’s fine to use email, SMS, and social media. But let’s not forget that the cornerstone of any church is its community.

One of the best ways to get in touch with your community is to display signage to people passing by. Whether it’s on the path so pedestrians can see it or the roadside for vehicles, a well-designed sign will reach hundreds, even thousands of people with no effort on your part.

Benefits of Outdoor Signage

Using signage has some unique benefits you can’t replicate with digital marketing. A well-designed banner will make a lasting impression on everyone that passes by. Signage has a word-of-mouth effect, too, so your message keeps spreading and reaching more people.

Here are some of the benefits of using outdoor signage:

Easy to Use – Banners are easy to create and display with no technical knowledge needed. We have plenty of templates to choose from. All you need to do is add your logo and wording, make any other cosmetic changes you want, and select your size.

Depending on the type of banner or sign you chose, there isn’t much more involved than fixing it to a pole, your building, or securing it into the ground.

Affordable – Compared to other types of marketing, signage is very affordable. Not only is the up-front cost affordable, but signage also lasts for years and requires no maintenance. This means you can keep displaying your message to hundreds or thousands of new faces for years to come.

Weather Resistant – We make all our outdoor signage from durable and weather-resistant materials. They will not fade, tear, or degrade over time, meaning your signage will be there come rain or shine.

Sets a Friendly and Professional Tone – First impressions are important. High-quality signage makes delivering your message effective and easy and gives off a great first impression.

Make Your Church Signage Work for You

Although there are lots of professional-looking templates and fonts to use, you still need to follow some basic design principles to get the most out of your signage. Here are some core design tips to set you in the right direction:

Avoid Church-Specific Jargon – When adding the wording for your signage, remember you’re writing for the average person on the street and not members of your congregation. Avoid church-specific jargon and terminology, and keep it simple.

Use Short Messages and Statements – A lot of people will pass by your signs in a hurry. You need to make important information like the event, date, time, and contact details clear so they can be quickly retained.

Use Consistent Branding with Your Church Banner Designs – Humans are visual by nature and our brains know when we’ve seen a brand before. If you keep all of your signage colors and branding consistent, then it will leave a much more lasting impression.

Follow Basic Principles for Effective Designs – If you’re new to design, it’s worthwhile to research some basic design best practices. Getting the basics right – such as using the right fonts and sizes for text and colors that work well together – will make your banners a lot more effective.

Types of Banners or Signs

Church Banners

We make all our church banners from a highly durable PVC flex material. They are fully customizable, affordable, and we have a range of templates and designs perfect for displaying your church’s message.

You can browse our range of fully customizable church banners here.

Flag Banners

With the right eye-catching church banner design, flag banners are a great way to flag down visitors. Try positioning your flag banners on the roadside to bring visitors in or within your grounds to help direct visitors.

You can browse our extensive range of personalized flag banners for all occasions here.

Pole Banners

Pole banners commonly hang from light poles. You can also hang them from any other poles or vertical features on your grounds. They are best for displaying promotions, directions, and other important information you want to make guests aware of.

You can browse our range of fully customizable pole banners here.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners help you spread a message while giving you the convenience of being able to retract them when not in use or transit. They are a popular choice for people who want to save space and move their banners around easily.

You can browse our range of retractable roll up banner stands here.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a convenient and economical way to promote your church services without the need to fix them up high or attach them securely. Yard signs prop themselves up with fold-out legs, meaning they can be easily moved around your church grounds.

You can browse our range of fully customizable yard signs here.

A polite reminder – don’t forget to purchase any necessary accessories you’ll need to hang and display your banners, too!


Now, you should better understand some of the benefits of outdoor church signs and banners have for churches looking to spread their message and reach more people. Using banners and signs is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to market your church compared to other marketing channels.

If you put the time into designing an eye-catching banner with a direct and effective message, I have no doubt you will spread your good word and grow your congregation. 

Read more about our signs to discover the different ways you can use them.

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