How Floor Decals and Sneeze Guards Increase Post-Quarantine Safety and Attendance

A year and a pandemic ago, the world came to a standstill with the arrival of Covid 19. Now most schools, churches, community groups and shop owners have returned to getting their work done in the new normal. This in no way means that we should stop taking precautions. The situation could get worse in a hurry if proper precautionary measures are not followed. Ensuring safety anywhere that groups gather is a very crucial responsibility that has fallen on the shoulders of employers and leaders from all walks of life. After experiencing a dip in the market, furloughs, and other economic constraints, spending a lot of money on safety supplies is not something everyone feels like they can afford. The good news is, there are some simple & cost-effective tools to increase security in your workplace without denting your bottom line.


According to a Monash University study, over 20% of pedestrians use their smartphones when crossing roads. We used to walk around looking up at our surroundings, but it seems that now most of us have our eyes looking down. Hence it only makes sense that the information that was before hung up high should now be provided to us in a more accessible & eye-catching way. That means that this might be the best time to invest in some quality floor decals.

Floor decals can be used to promote anything from a special sale to a core business value. In the new normal, you can not only use custom floor decals to help customers navigate through your store by following social distancing guidelines but also add promotional offers in striking colors to grab the attention of your customers. Use floor stickers to share what your business, group or event is all about or to direct customers to new products.

Here are the different types of decals & how you can effectively utilize them:

  • Outdoor Decals: Many worksites require employees to wear safety glasses, hard hats, or other protective clothing. Outdoor decals are a great way to mark these areas. They can also alert employees to high-traffic zones such as forklift crossings or note areas with hazardous materials.
  • Directional Decals: You can add some directional decals to help your members or customers navigate their way through parking lots or unfamiliar meeting places. These directional decals can also point them towards the entrance of your business, elevators, exits, and/or stairwells.
  • Promotional Decals: Having a sale or promotional event? Use clear window decals to promote your event. Customize them to add your brand name & sales details to keep your audience updated.
  • Car Decals Decals on cars are one of the oldest ways to promote your team, interest group, organization or business. You can add some custom car decals on all the vehicles you use and be promoted every day, all over town to a wider audience than you could have reached any other way.

The Lowdown on Decals

People often have a hard time connecting with the marketing power of decals. They wonder why investing in decals instead of something else is such a good idea. Well, the answer is pretty simple math:

  • They can be fully customized in terms of shape as well as size.
  • They are long-lasting & economical.
  • They are super easy to install and/or remove.
  • Small decals make fantastic giveaways that add value to your brand.
  • Decals can become collector’s items if designed artistically and approached to achieve that specific goal.

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are one of those items that came to the forefront of safety during the COVID times. These shields are designed to block airborne pathogens, the kind released by coughing, sneezing, and/or speaking.

If you own a restaurant or other high-volume business you can install a floor-standing sneeze guard to maintain distance among customers and also to make them feel safer. A lot of organizations are also considering installing sneeze guards for their offices before their employees return to work.

Final Thoughts

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is important to take precautions even though the world is preparing itself for the largest vaccination roll-out in history. As a community, group or organizational leader or employer, you need to think about the safety of everyone involved & get safety supplies for the optimal functioning of the workplace.


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