Increasing Spring Safety: 5 Safety Approaches Using Banners, Signs, Floor Decals, Sneeze Guards, Flags and Canopies

This Spring will be different than last year’s as more people will be looking for the respite of normal activities. The best thing you can do is be amply prepared for a busier season where people are more lax and likely to visit your establishments. 

Customers will expect your establishment to put safety first and with these affordable banners and other safety solutions, you’ll be well on your way to creating some safe clean fun.  

Constant Communication with Safety Signs & Banners 

The key to every relationship is communication and a customer relationship is no different. You’ll want to inform your customers of the safety measures at your establishment. The ability to create custom banners will tailor your business safety messaging. If you have temperature checks prior to entering, then you’ll want signage that speaks towards that. 

Banners can also describe any limitations, such as carryout only or limited capacity restrictions. Outdoor signage or banners can be used for advisory communications and provide a detailed list of your businesses procedures. 

Indoors signs and banners, on the other hand, can highlight popular products while others reinforce your internal safety measures and act as wayfinding devices to eliminate any confusion. All in all, safety signage creates a more informed customer which eliminates any miscommunications or surprises.

Protection Through Sneeze Guards 

It’s still a good idea to utilize sneeze guards, even though some of the mask mandates have been lifted. Sneeze guards work great as dividers for bars, tables, registers, desks, and reception areas. Their versatility and portable design makes setting them up wherever you need them a simple hassle-free experience. 

A sneeze guard is an effective solution that can simultaneously protect your customers and employees. After all, not only is Covid top of mind as a health emergency but allergy season is right around the corner as well, and allergens in the air may lead to an increase of sneezing and coughing. That, in turn, could significantly increase the spread of Covid, which means you’ll want an extra layer of protection at your establishment. 

Follow the Floor Decals

Floor decals make following the social distancing guidelines easier and create more space for your customers. They can also be used to direct the flow of traffic in your location for a more direct route to your products. The overall goal of safety measures is to not only protect but to make an enjoyable experience for your customers. 

More Outdoor Events with Canopy Tents

Since the weather is warming up you can bring your establishment to outdoor areas. Whether you’re looking for ways to offer outdoor dining options, attempting to host a sidewalk sale, or creating leads for your business with an outdoor event, all this can be accomplished with a canopy tent. 

The ability to customize your outdoor custom canopy tent means that your customers will see you from afar and want to learn more about your business. Tents serve as one way to increase your brand awareness and generate leads for your business. An open-air environment makes it easier for your customers to practice social distancing too. 

Flags To Show the Right Direction 

Utilizing a wide variety of flags can make communications much easier, especially since they stand out from other forms of signage. Try using them to draw attention to your contactless pickup spots for a streamlined experience. Also flags alert customers’ of what offers or services are currently available to make their experience more enjoyable. 

Final Thoughts

We all want to make this spring the safest one yet. Not just customers, but for employees as well. Safety is not only important, it’s paramount. Adding additional safety measures will be appreciated by everyone involved and is incredibly affordable.

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