Is Your Retail Store ‘Safe and Ready’ for The Halloween Sales?

The only way to make 2020 Halloween sales and celebrations happen is by adapting several safety measures. With the festive season approaching, it is now when small businesses can get back to selling and try to make up for the lost business through the last few months due to COVID-19. But getting back to retailing, serving, and selling must not be done at the cost of safety. You need essential safety tools like the sneeze guards, touch-free dispensers, and more to be ‘safe and ready’ for the Halloween sales and more festive season retail sales. Not just can these tools help you extend a protected shopping experience to your customers, it can also work as compelling branding tools for your business. Let’s understand how……

Protect and Promote at The Same Time With Sneeze Guards

Having been emphasized as one of the most effective safety tools by the various public health experts around the globe, sneeze guards are already a win-win tool. They have gained quick and much popularity due to their high capability of containing aerosol viruses. But, if you think sneeze guards are only capable of restraining the viral infections. Then, it’s time to reevaluate. You can use this effective protective tool to your advantage by spreading brand awareness. Consider it as an opportunity to share something with your community- promote your Halloween sale discounts and deals, welcome back your customers, spread festive cheer and positivity, mandate social distancing, or do more. You can either get custom printed screen shields or just get custom decals and stickers printed and pasted on your sneeze guards to promote your brand, business, services, logo, or sales to anything else. 

Use Safety Tools to Make Your Halloween Sales the Front and Center of Your Retail Store

With businesses heading towards the reopening, tools like the counter guards, face shields, and sanitizer floor dispensers are sure to experience an unprecedented increase in demand. If you already have got your hands on some or all of these, you are already quite much there. The next step is to use these tools to put your upcoming Halloween sales in the front and center in your audiences’ viewpoint. Do it by adding a custom printed Halloween sale sticker, label, or decal pasted on your billing counter screen shields or floor standing guards, whichever you have in place at your store. Or you can even promote your Halloween discounts and offers by getting them printed on the graphics of your floor standing touch-free dispensers. Or even via your custom face masks. Make use of whatever physical safety measures you have in place to inform, communicate, and promote your upcoming Halloween sale offers. 

Reinforce Safe Distancing While Engaging Your Audience 

Since social distancing has replaced verbal interactions to a greater extent, it’s time to adopt the power of passive branding. With more customers not preferring to indulge in face-to-face interactions, you need to switch to the new-normal advertising ways. Yet again, your in-store safety tools can act as perfect passive advertising tools to engage your audience. For instance, getting a custom printed sneeze guard with your Halloween sale announcement is the ideal way to bring attention to the safety measures, plus your store’s Halloween promotions. At this point, sticking to passive advertising via safety signs is the best way to go about it. 

Ensuring The Safety of Customers Will Also Ensure Strong Customer Relationships

Being recalled as a local business that did not take their customer safety for granted during unsafe times is going to help you in the longer run. Currently, focus on aligning your goals more on building relationships by extending a safe shopping experience rather than merely “selling”. Whenever a business invests in building relationships, it’s bound to emerge as a strong brand. So, while you use your safety signs and tools to promote your Halloween sales, do not miss to focus on offering value to your customers. 

It’s all about creating stranger customer connections with your audience. And during these apprehensive times, it’s all the more crucial to create an emotional connection with your audience. So, whatever you choose to promote via your sneeze guard shields or any other custom printed safety sign, be sensitive to the needs of your customers. 

Branding is a highly valuable tool for any business, especially for small local businesses. With numerous budget constraints and scarcity of resources in this Coronavirus phase, choose to spend on business essentials that will make your business safe and ready for the Halloween sales and the festive season. Try to capitalize on whatever safety tools you have at hand. If you still don’t have any, getting them is the first and foremost prerequisite for your retail store if you are planning to host 2020 festive sales at your retail store. 

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