Open or Closed For Labor Day 2020? Convey it With a Labor Day Sign!

Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day came into existence first as a federal holiday in the 1890s. With passing years, this day has become an integral holiday that is a reminder of hard work, commitment, and the importance of laborers in every form.

Everyone deserves a break, especially during this year, which has been harsh on most of the small businesses. Labor Day2020 is a perfect day to keep everything aside for a day- to rest, eat, sleep, and restore. Take your time to say ‘see you later’ to summer and enjoy your BBQ. Take pride in celebrating your and your staff’s contribution, hard work, and effort, put into your business, despite the pandemic. And if this is just what you have been planning- a day off this labor day 2020, then don’t forget to put up a ‘Closed for Labor Day 2020’ sign.


Acknowledge The Hard Work of Your Workers/Staff Via a Custom Labor Day Sign

Getting digitally printed custom signs for labor day is the best way to announce your joy of choosing to stay closed on this day. Designing and ordering your labor day 2020 sign is a great way to make your sign look unique. Add fun elements of the holiday to it. Add a note or special message for the contribution of your staff or workers who equally deserve to be acknowledged for the prosperity and well-being of your business. Or just announce your business closure for the day with a clear and bold ‘We’ll be closed for Labor Day’ window decal/cling, wall poster, or even a custom flag. Making your announcement quirky and fun will end up bringing more attention to your store/facility.

Don’t Have Enough Time to Order? Create a DIY Labor Day Sign!

Create a DIY fabric banner using any fabric like table linen (preferably solid color linen). Use a few fabric colors/waterproof colors to add your message- closed for labor day or happy labor day or labor day hours (if you are opening for a specific duration). Whatever your communication, just outline a message on the banner fabric and then paint it. It will not take you much time. If an outdoor banner is something that doesn’t work for your space. Try other forms of signages- create a window poster and paste it from inside your glass window or door. It can be as simple as a colored poster paper with a handwritten note, and a few quirky touches of colors, glitter, or sparkle here and there on the paper. Or just look for free downloadable closed for labor day 2020 design templates online. Download the templates and print using your personal printer. Easy, right? It’s all about announcing your closure for the day. So, use whatever you have and create a DIY sign for your store or facility.

Placing Your Labor Day Sign Right is The Next Step to Do

No matter how creative, quirky, or relevant any signage is, it won’t work for you until and unless it’s placed right. And this stands true for every indoor and outdoor sign. Just be sure to keep it in the clear sight of your customers and everyone else you are trying to target. So, when you have a custom printed labor day sign or a DIY labor day sign, find that perfect spot that is sure to be noticed by your customers. You can use your glass doors or windows, or even your billing counters to place your signage. If you have sneeze guards installed within your facility, consider pasting printed labor day messages on your glass shields. You can even use your display racks to place small signs like folded cards with your labor day 2020 message that you want to communicate with your customers.

Open or closed on labor day is your individual business choice. But communicating it to your customers, staff, and everyone else is definitely a great idea.

Happy Labor Day 2020!

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