Tailoring Your Custom Banners to Your Target Audience

You can market and advertise your business many different ways. In fact, everyday business owners around the world try to come up with new strategies for their business to reach their target audience in unique and personalized ways.

Getting some custom banners for your business is an old yet effective way to do so. Banners have been around for thousands of years, yet they’re still considered one of the best ways to approach your audience to this day. Organizations still use banners to communicate important and relevant messaging such as sales, promotions, and events. Commercials are expensive. Print ads in magazines and other print media can be expensive and take up most of your marketing budget. That’s why many businesses consider custom banners as an inexpensive and popular way to market their business.

The Immediate Future of Banners

According to a Small Business Trends study, the global ad spends on print advertising is forecasted to reach 2207.6 million people in 2021. Marketers are expected to spend $44,173 million on print advertising globally during the same time. The US is set to generate the largest print advertising revenue this year with marketers spending $13,469 million on print advertising.

With the growing number of people investing in print advertising, it is crucial that your printed custom banners stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve identified your target market, it’s all about tailoring your business to their needs. This ensures that you attract the right customers and get more business.

So, Why Banners?

Custom banners are the most visible form of advertising. They promote your brand to your #1 priority for loyal customers: your community. Banners have the power to build your brand. They deliver fast results by bringing in customers with accurate call-to-actions in a cost-effective way. Here’s why you can win sales with custom banners in your business:

Grabs Attention

Banners have the potential to house images along with engaging copy that catches the attention of your target audience. Banners provide dramatically enhanced visibility for your products/services or any promotional offers that you are running in your store. Finally, they help you get noticed by a larger chunk of customers.

Brings Our Your Creativity

Banner advertising is all about communicating with your targeted audience about your products using creative graphics & content. HOW you communicate – the colors, the words you choose, your presentation of the products you sell, and the special sales/events you are running – tells them everything about your brand.

Creates Brand Awareness

Banners are one of the most effective ways of repeatedly informing your audience about your brand. People start recognizing your brand name when they see it every day on your custom banner. Once recognition is established people start noticing your ads and associate them with your logo and name.

Tailoring Your Custom Banners for Your Customers

The impact of your message depends on the quality of your banner design. An effective banner is eye-catching, goal-driven, and easy to read.

A well-designed custom banner creates a window of opportunity for your brand as it helps you connect with people who haven’t heard of your business. You can use the following tips to tailor your banner for your target audience:

Define Your Marketing Goals

You need to define exactly what you want to accomplish with your banner before you touch any design tools. Everything from the size of the banner to the layout depends on the message you want to convey. For instance, think about the action you want customers to take. Are you offering a general description of your services to promote a new business? Do you want customers to call or book an online consultation? Are you promoting a specific event or sale? Or are you highlighting a key product claim?

Make a brief outline of the major details you want to put on your personalized banner. In most cases, this will include basic information about your brand, a marketing claim, and a call to action.

Decide Where Your Banner Will Go

Plan to invest in more durable materials and professional printing for outdoor signs. Vinyl banners are made to survive a variety of weather conditions, and you won’t have to worry about your sign fading in direct sunlight. It’s also a good idea to buy high-quality banners if you frequently transport them to trade shows.

The context in which you’re using the banner matters as well. For example, if the banner is right outside your store, there’s no need to include a business address. You can conserve that extra space for information that’s more useful.

Write Engaging Content

A jumbled banner is hard on the eyes, so aim to keep your copy as minimal as possible. Reflect on your marketing goal and try to think of the simplest way to phrase your primary headline. Try to answer these two questions when writing your banner copy:

  • What is the most critical detail you want people to remember when they pass by your sign?
  • What is your call to action?

On a general descriptive banner, the headline could be your business name. If you’re advertising a product or deal, your banner should stress the features of the same.

Good Fonts for The Win

A bad font can ruin a good copy, so be careful about the font you choose. Your primary message will be the largest text, and it’s important to go with a font that has bold, heavy lines that are easy to read even from a distance.

Add the Right Images

Choose high-quality images with large file sizes so even if you must resize the graphics for your banner, you don’t run into issues like pixilation or odd discoloration in the final print.

Balance Out Your Banner

Don’t overpower your banner with excessive imagery. If your banner has detailed color graphics, such as menu items, it’s a good idea to stick with a white or neutral background. Another option is to use semi-transparent images on a colored background, which keeps the focus on the text.

Make It Perfect

While designing your banner remember you only have a few seconds to convert a passerby into an interested customer. So make sure your banner layout has a focal point and organize the rest of your content around it. The goal is to control the order in which a reader processes the information.



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