Ways to Drive in More Traffic to Your Business During the Holiday Season

Online shopping has come a long way, and evidently, it did not take much time to become a global phenomenon. There are tons of reasons that make online shopping such an appealing affair. The convenience, exclusive discounts, and early access are some of the key features, to name a few. However, the bigger the phenomenon, the more the competition. This is one of the reasons your extended online business needs something extra around the festive season to convince a shopper to add a product to their cart. As we gain on to the festive calendar, massive sales like the Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday will be here before we know it. So, here are a few quick tactics that any retailer can employ to drive traffic and generate increased sales during the festive season:

  • Show Your Trust in Retail Signage: Underestimating a store retail signage is not the best idea, especially around festivals, when you are looking to stay ahead of your competition. Printed signage like custom signs and banner stands can help you reinforce your festive sales efforts. Compelling store signage that showcases your special promotions, discounts or sale can help you double the impact of your online promotions.
  • Increase Shopper Engagement with Interactive Displays: Turn your brick-and-mortar store into an interactive space for the customers. Install signs & displays that allow customers to learn, engage and try different products that you have specially crafted for the festive season. This is a proven tactic to increase shopper engagement, which ultimately results in increased sales.
  • Devise Cross-Platform Offers: Use your online platform to extend options that bring them to your store. A very common technique is to make your customers order products online and allow them to pick them up in-store. Alternatively, hand out online vouchers to customers shopping in-store, which requires your customers to redeem their coupons online. This will give you a chance to upsell by making use of both in-store and online platforms.
  • Add a Unique Touch to Your Broadcast Messaging: Unique tools like a backlit banner or lightboxes are a great way to garner the attention of people walking by your store. The more attractive, vivid and clear your festive offer, the more likely it is of capturing the attention of shoppers.
  • Leverage Holiday Sales with Street-Side Marketing: Taking your street-side marketing to the next level is imperative around festive sales. Use your store windows, car windows, or any other printed form of display to promote the most vital elements of your brand. Boost your sales by including a lucrative incentive that convinces customers to either walk through your store door or visits you online.

Regardless of how you operate your business- online or offline, staying above your competition is certainly challenging. But effective marketing and creative signage can drive more traffic, both in-store and online.

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