Curbside Pick Up Only Garden Flags

Curbside Pick Up Only Garden Flags

  • Vibrant and eye-catching messages done with high-quality sublimation printing
  • For optimal traffic handling, choose between single and double-sided printing.
  • The lightweight and portable design takes up little storage space and is easy to transport.
  • For quick installation, flags slide onto poles, and poles stick into the ground with prongs.

Give Directions Using Our Custom Garden Flags

Sturdy and Easy-to-Read Garden Flags 

Curbside pickup is becoming a popular option for restaurant businesses. Ensure that curbside pickup traffic does not interfere with other vehicles with our signage. Curbside pickup only signs direct people to the correct location while also restricting parking in that area to only people visiting your facility. The flags guide drivers to a location where you can easily reach the vehicles for efficient order delivery.

Made with 90 GSM fabric, our flags are long-lasting and ideal for outdoor settings. The knitted material also stretches easily in multiple directions, making it ideal for use on windy days. Supported by a sturdy iron pole, our garden flags serve as an effective communication tool.

Sublimation printing produces high-quality text and vibrant graphics, which set our outdoor flags apart. The flags are visible from a distance, giving drivers plenty of time to notice the signs and adjust the course to reach the pickup location.

Depending on your needs, choose a double-sided flag with graphics and text on both sides to alert people approaching from both directions, or a single-sided flag to face one way. A one-sided flag displays the images and text on the reverse side at a 50-60% transparency rate, allowing a simple display of messages. You can also include special instructions to meet your needs, such as a phone number or parking space number.

Move Custom Garden Flags Seamlessly

When not in use, the slim dimensions of the pole and the ability to roll up the outdoor flags save storage space. Moving the flag and pole to a new location as needed is a quick and easy job that saves time. Made with two pieces, the pole requires little assembly, which saves time on set up. Once assembled, insert the two prongs into the ground and loop the double or single-sided flag over the horizontal portion. The process is quick and simple, allowing you to advertise curbside pickup to people sooner.

Drive-Thru Signs Provide Clear Messages

Single- and double-sided flags are ready to use right out of the package, with no additional printing or design selection required. Text and graphics directly support the curbside pickup service, providing people with more options. The messaging is clear and concise, which aids in the smooth and successful operation of curbside pickup.

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