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Ready To Use Custom Vinyl Drive-Thru Banners For Important Announcements

Get Pre-Designed Lightweight Drive-Thru Banners

Seize the attention of your public to make important announcements, using ready-to-use drive-thru banners. Our curbside signages are an effective tool to engage and update your public with crucial information. Advertising vinyl banners have become a necessity for all because of the increased demand for no-contact sales and service delivery. Made from high-grade PVC flex, our lightweight banners are easy to lift and transport.

Make Important Announcements with UV-Printed and Durable Custom Vinyl Banners

A high-quality vinyl construction keeps the banners weather-resistant and makes the signages ideal for outdoor application. PVC flex base further protects the custom vinyl banners from brittling in hostile weather. You may choose to laminate your signage for extra protection. Our pre-designed vinyl signages come with vivid graphics and striking text to spare you the time and cost of self-designing. With 16oz UV printed graphics, our pick up only signs never miss the public’s attention. The banners are low-maintenance; just grab a soft damp cloth and wipe off the smears. Durable vinyl-base banners do not require frequent replacement, which saves you time and money.

Adorn Your Space with Customizable Pickup Only Signs

With a variety of customization options, we strive to deliver the best-looking drive-thru banners. You may either go for two-sided or single-sided printing. You may also complement your banners with grommet, adhesive tabs, or pole pockets, which we provide as optional accessories. Our custom vinyl banners come in sizes ranging between 3 ft x 2 ft and 6 ft x 10 ft, but you get the liberty to specify the dimensions of your choice. Our signages are easily collapsible to ensure convenient relocation.

Choose from our range of curbside, takeout, delivery, and drive-thru banners.