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Do the five Compliance Signs

Pre-printed Do the Five Compliance Signs for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Lightweight UV-Resistant Health and Safety Sign

You will need to communicate with your customers swiftly and readily as the times change. Choose from one of our pre-printed 'Do the Five' signs to simplify the procedure and save money over developing your own. We make our lightweight compliance signs with 0.046-inch thick metal and print with bright UV-resistant printing. The signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Use the compliance signs to encourage more people to visit your establishment and it also promotes healthy habits.

Easy-to-Install Compliance Signs

Do you need to communicate pandemic preparedness actions to your employees or customers at your restaurant? For easy installation, the aluminium sheet signage has pre-drilled mounting holes in all four corners. The holes are standard 5-7 mm in diameter, which are suitable for both DIY and professional use. Because of the high quality printing and clarity, the bright 'Do the Five' signs will stand out in warehouse employee areas and crowded customer entrances. Because the aluminium sheets are lightweight and portable, you can easily transfer the signs.

Preventative Signs in Bulk

Choose the signs with 1-inch radius corners to eliminate sharp points and make the signs more human-friendly, which minimizes the risk of injury to personnel and customers. We can assist you if you have a large complex or multiple sites. Take advantage of our bulk discounts when you shop with us. Which depend on quantity, ranging from 2 to 10 pieces to over 500 pieces.