Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Garden Flags

Do the Five Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread Garden Flags

  • The knitted flag fabric and iron pole last a long time.
  • Sublimation printing produces vibrant and sharp colors and lettering.
  • Choose from single-sided or double-sided printing.
  • The flag and pole are lightweight and easy to transport.

'Prevent COVID-19 Spread' Garden Flags Showcase Proper Hygiene Methods

Garden Flags with Sublimation Printing are Strong and Don't Fade

Communal outdoor green areas are popular in large office parks and campuses, where employees and visitors socialize or walk between buildings. To comply with various policies or other standards, locations, like interior areas, may also require something that provides instructions and best practices for preventing the transmission of illness. You can display our pandemic signage outside where no windows or other hard surfaces can attach decals or posters. You can place the flags near sidewalks, tables, and other high-traffic places where passers-by can notice easily, and users can plant the flags where there is soft ground.

We composed our pandemic signage of a 90 grams per square meter (GSM) knitted cloth that is wind-resistant. It stretches and glides effortlessly in the breeze without compromising its structural integrity. Each flag mounts on a long-lasting iron pole that can withstand the elements 

High-resolution sublimation printing produces brilliant colors and legible text, making hand wash signs stand out to readers. The instructions are simple to read and comprehend, and it enhances the likelihood that personnel will wash hands and take other necessary precautions.

Hand wash signs are available in single-sided or double-sided versions, allowing you to attract pedestrians from both directions. We can also add special instructions and adjustments to match specialized or unique demands.

Custom Garden Flags are Available in a Variety of Sizes and are Simple to Order

Each handmade yard flag comes printed with the five steps below in vertical alignment, as well as 'Do the Five Help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19'. The guidelines universally apply, making it appropriate for most workplaces and academic settings. It eliminates the requirement for additional design or text, as well as the need to choose a specific design. 

The procedure of ordering customized yard flags is straightforward and convenient. Choose from several shipping choices that fit your budget and deliver necessary products on time and with care.

Custom Garden Flags are Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Our pandemic signage's iron pole and fabric are lightweight and easy to move. Disassemble the pole into two separate sections for easier transport or storage. The flags are easy to install, remove, and reposition as needed to adjust to changing foot traffic patterns.

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