Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Garden Flags

Do the Five To Stop Spread Coronavirus Garden Flags

  • Dye-sublimation printing creates vibrant designs.
  • To save you time and effort, the flags come preprinted.
  • The flags feature lightweight materials and are easy to move around.
  • A robust iron pole makes installation easier.

Do the Five Garden Flags Help Set a Standard for Hygiene

Garden Flags Offer Vital Information to Help Stop Spread of Infections

If you run a store or restaurant, satisfying customer demands is simple if you can handle a crisis like an infectious disease outbreak. Installing signage instructing consumers on how to help avoid the spread of diseases can help to build a cleanliness culture. Our 'stop the spread' signs act as reminders of the safety protocols that individuals must follow to prevent disease spread and keep your facilities safe.

Dye-sublimation graphics printing are vibrant, high-resolution, and feature smooth color gradations. Yard flags' long-lasting and high-quality pictures help to attract passers-attention and ensuring that your message gets to your customer.

If you want various graphics on a double-sided lawn flag to provide extra information to engage your customers and employees, you can specify specific instructions on your order. We sewed liners between the two outer layers of a double-sided flag. Use single-sided printing when you want the graphics to be visible from the back with 50% to 60% clarity.

An iron pole holds the garden flags in place, which makes the installation process straightforward. Place the flags outside and in high-traffic areas to boost the exposure of your message and assure compliance.

Pandemic Safety Signs are Ready to Use

Yard flags feature lightweight materials and are easy to use and move. Throughout the day, move the flags to ensure that many people see your message. By storing and recycling signs, you can save money on advertising.

To keep your staff and other customers safe, the preprinted wording on the outside flags encourages visitors to follow the five disease prevention rules. You can use the predesigned flag right away to inform and educate your clients upon arrival at your workspace.

Ordering Garden Flags Is Simple

We provide multiple shipping alternatives to fit your budget and delivery constraints. To ensure that your shipment of stop the spread signs arrives on time, choose a convenient alternative.

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