Notice Employees Must Wash Hands Vinyl Posters

Notice Employees Must Wash Hands Vinyl Posters


Promote Hygiene with Employees Must Wash Hands Posters

  • The posters for 'Wash your hands' made from durable vinyl.
  • We print in full color using eco-solvent ink.
  • Qualify for large quantity discounts to save money.
  • Browse through multiple poster dimension options.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Wash Hands Vinyl Posters Incorporate 720 DPI Resolution for Sharp Graphics

If visitors don't wash their hands, bacteria can spread throughout your building too easily. Set up pandemic posters inside and outside of hand-washing facilities to ensure that everyone follows basic health practices. It motivates people to wash hands and reduces the risk of spreading infection.

We make our customized posters with high-quality white monomeric calendered vinyl. The robust signs, which are 100 microns thick and weigh 130 grammes per square metre (GSM), last for many years after installation. The material is tear-resistant and doesn't deteriorate when mounted on your wall or window.

Wash your hands signs come with an attractive hand-washing image and informative text in white and dark purple on the placards. The full-color printing brings attention to the design, and the notable contrast allows the words to be seen easily. All components are crisp and clear because we print the graphics at 720 DPI resolution. From a distance, visitors may easily interpret the signage. Which motivates the employees to wash hands regularly, avoiding productivity loss.

Modify vinyl posters to meet your specific requirements. Choose from four standard sizes or specify your own for the required wall space. Select matte or gloss lamination effects or UV printing which provides fade resistance. If you want to apply your poster cleanly, add a squeegee tool to your order.

Wash Your Hands Signs Printed with Eco-solvent inks

When designing wash your hands signs, we employ eco-friendly inks to make the materials safer for the environment. The biodegradable inks assist small companies in presenting a socially responsible approach to the environment.

We include pre-printed images with all of our pandemic posters. All you have to do now is hang the posters to remind clients of the importance of excellent hygiene.

Order Vinyl Posters in Bulk and Save

When you order over one pandemic sign from us, you will receive a discount. The more signs you order, the more money your firm will save. The discount applies to orders of any size, from two to over 500, making it ideal for your large or small enterprises that want signs for multiple restrooms or locations.

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