Fire Exit Floor Mats

Fire Exit Floor Mats

  • The coral fleece material is hard wearing.
  • Full-color 1440-DPI technology produces photogenic prints.
  • Rubber grippers prevent slipping.
  • The pre-printed text makes selection easy and fast. 

Safety Floor Mats Provide Exit Directions in Case of an Emergency

Long-Lasting Safety Floor Mats With Messaging

Every corporate, commercial, or residential floor needs a sign to direct people out of the building in case of an emergency. It acts as a shining beacon for panicked people in dangerous situations. Mats provide alternative evacuation directions when the regular exit is not visible. Our safety floor mats offer a solution to the problem, allowing you to comply with evacuation regulations while keeping the premises neat.

The coral fleece mats are hard wearing, and this makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The mats can withstand heavy foot traffic without losing their attractive look. You won’t have to replace the mats frequently.

The full-color 1440-DPI dye-sublimation technology produces impressive prints that don’t fade with time. The technique ensures that the text, signs, and images remain vibrant despite exposure to dust, water, and temperature changes.

Every mat comes with nitrile rubber grippers for enhanced safety. They allow slip-free movement as people rush out of the building during a fire emergency. 

Tailor-Made Customizable Printed Floor Mats

There are multiple pre-printed safety floor mats with text, such as ""Fire Exit"", ""Exit"", and ""Be Safe"", to make the selection process easy and fast. These work best for a quick turnaround order if you're in hurry.

Our customizable floor mats offer several options to fit the profile or theme you want. They include adding text, graphics, and logos. You can also customize a design from scratch to suit your unique needs.

Get a Great Discount for Bulk Orders

Ordering two or more of the same safety floor mat gets you exclusive discounts. Use the discount to expand your coverage while maximizing your budget 

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