This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Compliance Signs

This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Compliance Signs

  • Our signs feature sturdy, non-rusting aluminum; ideal for indoors/ outdoors.
  • The signs are easy to mount, thanks to mounting holes in each corner.
  • The lettering is large, clear, and concise, making it easy to see and read.
  • The graphics, printed with high-quality, ultraviolet (UV)-stable ink, will not fade.
  • Compliance signs preprinted are ready to use.

Communicate Rules Effectively with Hospital Signs

'Hand Washing Only' Compliance Signs Allow for a Simple Setup

Our compliance signs ensure that all visitors receive critical information in a visible format. The signs are easy to read and understand because of the large, clear text.

Printed with high-quality UV-stable inks, our signs ensure the handwashing sink-only sign remains vibrant and easy to read for an extended period. The sign also stands up well to direct sunlight and is ideal to use outdoors and indoors.

Our hand washing only signs are very simple to put up. The signs are easy to mount because of pre-drilled holes in each corner. Being pre-drilled, there is no need for a metal drill, making for a straightforward installation process.

We build our compliance signs out of heavy-duty metal, which adds significantly to the quality and durability. The metal will not warp, bend, or crack under normal conditions. Our signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and withstand a wide range of environmental stressors.

Bulk Order 'This Sink Is for Hand Washing Only' Signs

Our hand washing only signs are easily customizable, with multiple dimensions to choose from. Decide on the appropriate size from a range of options ranging from 8 x 3 inches to 28 x 20 inches and ensure that your visitors follow the rules.

Our handwashing compliance signs are available in a variety of quantities to accommodate your needs. There is something for everyone, ranging from two to over 500. Bulk discounts are also available on your orders, considering the offer still exists.

Ready-to-Ship, Pre-designed Pandemic Signage

With a variety of shipping options available, our hand washing sink only signs arrive at your door quickly. Choose the delivery method that works best for you in terms of budget and time and help establish health and safety measures in your space.

Purchase This Sink Is for Hand Washing Only Compliance Signs for your facility online at Best of Signs.