This Sink Is For Hand Washing Only Vinyl Posters

This Sink Is For Hand Washing Only Vinyl Posters


Post Clear Instructions With Handwashing Posters

  • With full-color printing, enjoy vivid graphics.
  • Pre-printed signs save time and effort on designing.
  • Our handwashing sink posters come in standard and custom sizes.
  • We offer discounts on bulk orders.

Encourage Compliance With Full-Color Handwashing Posters

If you don't put instructions at your handwashing sinks, people may use them for unhygienic purposes. With proper signage, you remind visitors of the sole purpose of the sinks so they won't forget. Install our premium 'This Sink Is for Handwashing Only' vinyl posters above the sink to ensure strict compliance from guests.

Our full-color, 720-DPI eco-solvent printing produces graphics that are noticeable, even from a distance. Optional UV printing, which results in excellent color matching and sharp images, generates fade-resistant displays that withstand extreme conditions. 

With their pre-printed form, our posters make it easy for you to order. You don't have to spend money hiring a professional artist or waste time designing the sign yourself.

Meet your business needs with the customization options available for these posters. Choose among the standard measurements or customize the dimensions to find the ideal size for your space. Signs with widths and heights over 58.5 inches come in multiple segments. The handwashing posters are also available in flash-cut and die-cut styles, depending on your chosen application method.

Sink Instructions With Durable Hand Hygiene Posters

We make our hand hygiene posters using 100-micron,130GSM white vinyl that resists water and tearing for lasting use. A monomeric calendered vinyl film with a thickness of 100 microns adds protection to the surface. Upgrade with glossy or matte lamination for increased strength.

The vinyl posters install quickly and easily, as they have a self-adhesive, peel-off backing and require neither glue nor tape. Add a squeegee to your poster and use it to ensure a smooth, bubble-free attachment.

Get Bulk Discounts for Handwashing Posters

Mark all 'Handwashing Only' sinks in your establishment with the same sign for a cohesive design. With our bulk discount offers, you get big savings on purchases of two or more units.

Shop 'Handwashing' vinyl posters for your organization online at Best of Signs.