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Hospitals / Clinics Compliance Signs

Get Custom Compliance Signs that Disseminate Critical Health Information

A Wide Selection of Long-Lasting Quarantine Area Signs

Installing safety signs in your office to communicate vital information to visitors will help enforce standards and describe safety safeguards. To address a broad audience, we offer a variety of compliance signs with diverse information. Signs such as quarantine area compliance signs, which keep unwelcome people out, and handwashing signs, which provide hygiene rules against contagious diseases, are available. The aluminum design of the signs allows them to withstand tough indoor and outdoor weather.

Order Custom Compliance Signs with Graphics

Use the online customization studio to give detailed instructions on how you want us to make your sign. You can choose from small signs that measure 8 x 3, 7 x 5, 10 x 7, and 12 x 4 inches, or large signs that measure 14 x 10, 20 x 14, 28 x 20 inches, depending on the size of the facility and traffic. We recommend the former for usage in high-traffic areas, while the latter is excellent for small spaces. Color, fonts, and the message on the signage are some of the other options. Consider pre-designed signage for quick shipping that avoids the need for time-consuming modification.

A Simple Installation Process for Easy-to-Read Clinic Signage

The designs, which we create with UV-stable ink, can keep legibility in outdoor environments. Large, legible fonts help draw attention to important information, ensuring that no visitor misses it. Using precise, easy-to-understand English avoids ambiguity while also encouraging readers to read the entire document. With our simple to install signs, expect the slightest installation hassles. The signs will just require a few tools and a short amount of time to install.