Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Indoor Floor Mats

Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Indoor Floor Mats

  • Sturdy coral fleece materials and non-woven fabrics are durable.
  • Dye-sublimation printing delivers premium-quality graphics.
  • Personalization options are available.
  • Pre-designed for ease and convenience.
  • Our floor mats are lightweight for easy repositioning.

Hospital Floor Mats for Quarantine Zones Restrict Access to Isolation Areas

Customizable Hospital Floor Mats are Long-Lasting and of High Quality

As a business, taking reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your customers and employees is important. Installing warning signs after an epidemic can assist your local business in maintaining standards and prevent disease transmission. Our hospital floor mats caution unauthorized visitors and workers not to enter quarantine zones to avoid exposure to infectious diseases.

We use coral fleece and non-woven fabrics with reversed grippers to design our quarantine mats. These fabrics are strong and water-resistant for longevity, making the carpets ideal for extended indoor use.

In crafting our mats, we use dye-sublimation printing with a resolution of 1440 DPI to generate premium quality images with outstanding color consistency. Full-color printing produces vivid, high-contrast finishes that draw attention to the medical floor mats to convey the access restriction message.

Use our custom choices to personalize your printed floor mats. The options available are two different sizes, and you may choose to provide certain specifications to ensure that the floor mats are compatible with your branding.

Lightweight Quarantine Mats are Portable and Ready to Use

The hospital floor mats comprise soft, lightweight fabrics that are simple to move around. You may reposition the rugs as needed to make your message more visible. Increase your local business's return on investment by transporting and using the mats somewhere else.

Our mats include pre-printed messages reminding users to adhere to safety standards and avoid isolation zones. You'll save valuable time and effort because you won't have to design your fabric floor mats. Furthermore, you can use them straight away upon receipt.

Buy Multiple Hospital Floor Mats to Receive a Discount

Qualify for a bulk order discount by ordering multiple quarantine mats based on your budget and business demands. We help you stay on track with your budget with discounts that grow as the order size increases, from 2 to over 500 pieces.

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