New Temporary Hours due to Covid-19 Vinyl Banners

New Temporary Hours due to Covid-19 Vinyl Banners

  • Our vinyl banners feature polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flex material for durability.
  • Using bright and bold graphics, they are highly visible.
  • Banner printing with 720-DPI resolution adds image sharpness. 
  • Installing and putting up the banners is easy.

New Temporary Hours Vinyl Banners Communicate Important Information

Vinyl Banners of Superior Quality are Long Lasting and Personalized

You need to inform visitors and customers of your organizations about recent changes in operational hours at your small business. Use our restaurant banners to display the most up-to-date information regarding your working hours. Due to an airborne illness, your venture may need to highlight temporary working hours occasionally. Place the high-quality banners outside or at the entrance to the restaurant to create awareness and reduce disruption to visitors to your local business.

The vinyl banners feature high-quality PVC and are durable enough to withstand everyday use. They're suitable for outdoor use because of the high-strength, densely woven finish that resists snags and tears.

Our 720-DPI printing produces high-resolution graphics, guaranteeing that people see every detail of banners from afar. Full-color printing ensures that the PVC flex banners stand out to pedestrians.

Choose from a variety of sizes as well as customize the size to match your specific requirements. Add designs on both sides, lamination, and wind flaps to your banners. We provide the option to add grommets for ease of installation. Customize your printed banners to match your enterprise's exact goals, as well as your budget.

Eco-Friendly Pandemic Banners are Ready to Use

The pre-printed message on pandemic banners is ready to mount and display immediately. Our ready-to-use banners let you inform passersby about a change in working hours transparently.

The PVC flex banners feature an eco-solvent printing method that is environment-friendly. Their production doesn't emit any pollutants and ensures a low carbon footprint. As a result, you can contribute to your small business's social duty.

Easy-to-Clean Vinyl Banners

Outdoor printed banners are easy to clean and maintain, taking only a little time and effort. Using a moist towel, wipe the dirty spots using no detergent.

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