Online Order Pick Up Parking Only Yard Signs (Non reflective)

Online Order Pick Up Parking Only Yard Signs (Non reflective)

  • We include full-color UV printing, clear graphics, and text on sign graphics.
  • Choose signs in different sizes.
  • Pre-designed and ready-to-use printed yard sign
  • To serve multiple sites or parking lots, order signs in bulk.

With Parking Yard Signs, you can Regulate Customer Traffic

'Online Order Pickup' Parking Yard Signs with the Option of Metal Stakes

When customers arrive at the store location, local businesses that service online and offline customers must accommodate both. Parking spaces are limited and must accommodate turnover and capacity to sustain a steady stream of consumers. The signs direct customers arriving to pick up online purchases to specified parking or waiting area. This frees up additional locations in the store for in-store shoppers.

We make our personalized yard signs with 5 mm thick corflute material that is durable and weatherproof. The flexible material bends readily in the breeze and can withstand rain.

Drivers can see the printed yard sign while entering the parking lot and approach the designated area because the wording is clear and legible at 600 DPI. The bright colors and dramatic black visuals of a burger and a mobile device attract attention.

Choose from one of three pre-set sizes or a custom size for the restaurant yard sign. To ensure that clients approaching from both directions see the graphic, place it on both sides. Request metal stakes or leave them out until you've decided on another mounting and display solution.

Buy Parking Yard Signs in Bulk for a Discount

The pandemic yard signs are immediately ready to use. With a pre-printed message of Online Order Pick Up Parking Only, so you can begin fulfilling the needs of clients efficiently. Use the metal stakes to hold the signage in place by driving the stakes into the ground wherever there is soft soil.

When managing the parking lots of local franchise locations in a major chain, ordering personalized yard signs in bulk ensures efficient performance across the board. A discount on orders of two or more items corresponds to your budget.

Ordering Parking Lot Signs is Hassle-Free

We provide multiple simple delivery and shipping alternatives to ensure that our customized yard signs arrive on time. Ensure a popular pickup service to your consumers to aid with parking lot turnover.

Shop for Parking yard signs for your local business online at Best of Signs.