Please Maintain Distance Indoor Floor Mats

Please Maintain Distance Indoor Floor Mats


Mitigate Infection Risks with our Please Maintain Distance Floor Mats

  • Nonwoven fabric and coral fleece are moisture-resistant.
  • The mats are vivid and stand out due to high-quality printing.
  • Multiple floor mat sizes are available.
  • The signs have pre-printed messages and are ready to use.
  • Please maintain distance mats feature lightweight material for portability.

Sturdy Social Distancing Floor Mats are Long-Lasting and Personalized

Reminding your customers to maintain physical distance is essential in keeping the spread of infections low. Our social distancing floor mats are an excellent solution, featuring legible prints and standout colors. The mats are appropriate for retail, corporate, or medical settings.

Our printed floor mats comprise coral fleece in pile and nonwoven fabric with grippers on the back. The mats have excellent strength, breathability, and moisture resistance.

We print our promotional floor mats in full color and have brilliant contrast to communicate the intended message clearly. The 1440-DPI high resolution gives crisp, clean writing that allows your clients and employees to see the message on the mats from a distance.

Our fabric floor mats come in several sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your needs. You can also include particular instructions to ensure that the mats meet your businesses' requirements.

Printed Floor Mats are Effective and Easy to Use

These safety floor mats include a pre-printed message in bold lettering. We deliver mats ready to use, with the installation taking only a few minutes. This allows you to promote social distancing right away.

For easy transporting, the social distancing floor mats feature soft and lightweight fabrics. The mats are simple to place and reposition, allowing continued use in different rooms.

Order Social Distancing Floor Mats in Bulk and Get a Discount

Order two or more of our fabric floor mats in bulk for a discounted price and always stay within your budget. We offer discounts on bulk orders that range anywhere between 2, 500, or more mats, allowing businesses to save money.

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