Please Maintain Distance Outdoor Floor Mats

Please Maintain Distance Outdoor Floor Mats


Maintain Distance Outdoor Floor Mats Help Minimize Spread of Infections

  • The nonwoven polyester pile is extremely durable and can endure heavy foot activity.
  • Images and text are clearly visible because of high-quality printing.
  • The mats are ready to use because of the pre-printed message.
  • If you buy in bulk, you'll get a discount.

Premium-Quality Outdoor Floor Mats are Portable

It's critical to protect customers and staff members against the spread of infectious diseases in your facility. Installing cautionary signs might assist your institution in enforcing standards and prevent infections. The social distancing floor mats serve as reminders to keep your guests safe by adhering to your company's social distance guidelines.

We make the social distancing floor mats with a nonwoven polyester fabric pile, which makes the signs sturdy. Using a nitrile rubber backing provides another layer of strength and weather resistance. The material allows you to use the mat outdoors.

To communicate the intended message clearly, we print our floor mats in full color. The 1440-DPI resolution ensures crisp, clear writing so that your customers can see the message on the safety floor mats from afar.

To make the social distancing floor mats portable, we employ soft and lightweight material. Rearrange the mats as needed to increase the visibility of your message and encourage visitors to observe safety recommendations. Because of its portability, you may transfer the mats easily, boosting your return on investment.

Easy-to-Handle Outdoor Floor Mats are Available in Bulk

Using the words printed on the safety floor mats, encourage guests to maintain social distance while visiting your facility. Pre-printed messages save you time and effort by eliminating the need to create your own design.

Order quantities of 2 to 500 or more and receive a discount, making it easier to purchase your message mats while staying on budget. Fill your wholesale inventory for your customers or you can supply to your own business locations.

Ordering Outdoor Floor Mats is Simple

Choose from a variety of shipping options, including doorstep delivery, depending on your urgency and budget. Get your entryway floor mats within the stipulated time to keep the public informed about your facility's safety policies.

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