Please Maintain Distance Window Decals

Please Maintain Distance Window Decals

  • Monomeric vinyl construction makes the decals highly durable.
  • Full-color printing produces high-resolution graphics for maximum visibility.
  • Customization options help you curate the decals as per your liking.
  • Pre-printed stickers save time and effort.
  • A handy squeegee tool makes installation quick and easy.
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Encourage People at Your Facility To Observe Precautionary Measures with Social Distancing Window Decals

Customizable Store Window Decals Offer Quality and Durability

With airborne infections becoming more prevalent, business owners look for efficient ways to keep their clients safe. If you have people working for you, the responsibility of their safety rests on your shoulders. Our social distancing window decals strive to help you fulfill your responsibilities by reminding people within your facility to maintain a physical distance from each other to control the transmission of diseases. Having safety norms in place will provide your staff and clients with a safe environment to work.

Featuring a 100-micron thick white monomeric vinyl film and an abrasion-proof, 250-micron thick white vinyl base, our store window decals maintain maximum durability. The ability to withstand elements makes the decals safe for long-term outdoor usage.

We print our shop window decals using full-color printing at 720 DPI to achieve outstanding color quality and brilliant graphics. Vivid visuals and vibrant messages are easily visible from a distance, ensuring that the readers understand your message effectively and follow social distancing norms.

We offer an array of customization options to ensure that you get exactly what you require. Choose from our standard sizes or specify the dimensions you need for your designated display areas. To enhance the longevity of the pandemic safety signs, get UV printing and lamination as add-ons. Provide us with more instructions so we can cater to all your requirements and serve you with the most efficient, comprehensive, and attractive social distancing window decals.

Environmentally Friendly Shop Window Decals are Convenient to Install

Store window decals come with a squeegee tool that makes installation quick and simple. Press the stickers against the display surface and release trapped air with the help of the tool. With controlled pressure, the squeegee tool will have your decals ready in no time, giving the stickers a polished finish.

We use eco-solvent printing with biodegradable inks to minimize the release of harmful compounds into the air. Our outside window decals are an eco-friendly alternative to other kinds of display tools as they ensure reduced carbon footprint and help your organization meet its responsibilities towards the environment.

Pre-printed Pandemic Safety Signs come Ready to Use

Ready to use outside window decals come with pre-printed statements to encourage the readers to follow safety measures and social distancing norms to have a contamination-free work environment. Pre-designed decals do not need any changes from your end, saving you time and energy. Put the pandemic safety signs on display and safeguard your facility from airborne infections and disease-causing pathogens.

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