Practice Social Distancing Stop The Spread Window Clings

Practice Social Distancing Stop The Spread Window Clings


Opaque Window Clings to Promote Social Distancing

  • Window clings with sturdy white PVC material offer durability.
  • UV printing creates high-quality prints.
  • Full-color, 600 DPI prints provide increased visibility.
  • Applied by static pressure, window decals ensure easy installation.

Durable and Highly Visible Custom Opaque Window Clings

Businesses in industries like retail, healthcare, and hospitality serve many clients at the same time. This predisposes visitors, clients, and employees to various diseases, such as respiratory illnesses. An effective way to mitigate this is through maintaining social distance and regular hand washing. Our opaque window clings come with direct messages to help communicate safety measures and guidelines.

These pieces of signage come made using tough, white PVC material for increased durability. Since they last long, they eliminate the need for frequent replacement and save your signage costs. With a material thickness of 150 ±10 µ m, these signs resist bending and tearing.

Our social distancing signs have full-color prints and vibrant backgrounds that quickly grab the attention of passers-by to ensure compliance. Their dot per inch rating of 600 DPI offers sharp text and graphics. Since they come with high-quality UV prints, they make aesthetic additions to your business premises.

Choose from a variety of pre-determined sizes to suit your specific requirements. You can also select custom sizes per your unique needs.

Clear Window Clings Are Easy to Install and Order

Our clear window clings come with an application squeegee tool to simplify installation. Their non-adhesive layouts require application by static pressure. Since window clings have no adhesive, they leave no markings on windows after removal.

These signs have pre-printed messaging to facilitate a smooth ordering process and fast delivery. With the message ‘Practice Social Distancing Stop the Spread of COVID-19’, signs help enhance compliance with safety measures.

Bulk Orders for Window Cling Vinyl Signs Attract a Discount

Place a large volume order to take advantage of our bulk quantity discount. Our discount covers orders of 2 or more pieces to accommodate individual buyers and companies.

Shop ‘Practice Social Distancing’ Window Clings for your organization online at Best of Signs.