Practice Social Distancing Stop The Spread Window Decals

Practice Social Distancing Stop The Spread Window Decals


Promote COVID-19 Awareness With Social Distancing Window Decals

  • Window decals consist of stout, clear vinyl cast material.
  • They have direct UV printing with a glossy finish for outdoor visibility.
  • Pre-designed messaging simplifies selection for business owners.
  • Decals are available in different sizes and shapes.

Full-Color 6 Feet Apart Decals are Visually Appealing

Reminding people to keep a reasonable social distance in this pandemic era is difficult. Our social distancing window decals are visually appealing to attract attention while reminding the public about personal responsibilities. They are customizable in terms of dimensions and are available with special bulk discounts. 

High-quality opaque vinyl with 250-micron thickness displays your message without letting people see through the windows. The 130GSM stickers are lightweight with pre-glued backs and stick on windows without damaging them, saving time for other activities.

Full-color UV prints have visually attractive and long-lasting images. Our safe distancing decals have options of UV print, gloss, or matte lamination printing for smooth image surfaces. The ink is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health risks.

These decals are robust to withstand variable weather conditions easily. They have a self-adhesive back that sticks to the host surfaces firmly. You can enhance the decals' stability by removing any air bubbles with a squeegee. The flash-cut finishing gives the decals smooth edges, eliminating abrasion and damage. Our decals have a 6-month shelf life giving you the chance to buy and use them later.

Stay Safe Social Distancing Decals With a Unique Touch

Social distancing COVID-19 awareness stickers offer multiple sizes to match your specific needs. The unique artistic touch blends in colors and fonts for eye-catching stickers. 

Pre-designed safe distancing templates add a touch of professionalism at no extra cost. Save the time spent on designing by choosing our decal layout, ensuring a fast, hassle-free order.

Buy Affordable Social Distancing Window Decals 

Enjoy our bulk discount pricing for orders with more than two items. That gives you flexible purchasing and saves you money for more shopping.

Shop for full-color practice social distancing window decals and increase COVID-19 awareness.