Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag

Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag


Set Off Limit Areas with Pre-Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flags

  • Feather flags comprise tough materials that last a long time.
  • Easy to read high-quality images with sublimation printing.
  • Personalization options are available on demand.
  • To save time and effort, flags come with a pre-printed message.

Quarantine Area Signs are Long-Lasting, High-Quality, and Made-to-Order

If you run a small business, mitigating the spread of infectious diseases is vital. To help keep your facility safe, use signages in allocated restricted areas and inform visitors of the safety precautions. Our printed feather flags are an effective technique to identify quarantine zones and prevent transmission of infections.

Our outdoor feather flags feature fabric and carbon composite fiberglass components, making the flag exceptionally durable. The 4mm and 23mm diameter poles have exceptional tensile strength. These flags are fade and heat resistant and will survive through most weather.

Quality digital printing provides high-resolution graphics that are long-lasting and have distinct colors. The colors and graphics on feather flags draw everyone's attention, warning the people to keep away from quarantine zones.

When tailoring quarantine area signs according to your business requirement, you choose from a variety of sizes and which side you want the information on. You may order only the pole, graphic, or both.

Ready-to-Use and Easily Transportable Pre-printed Feather Flag

The pre-printed inscription on our pole feather flags designates quarantine zones and warns unwanted visitors to stay away. After only a few minutes of setup, the flags will be ready to use, and you'll be able to communicate your quarantine message in no time.

Our outdoor feather flags come with poles and cross or spike bases to hang the pole practically anywhere. When you don't need them, store the signs away easily. This versatility increases your return on investment because you can move and use your signage elsewhere.

Quarantine Area Signs are Simple to Maintain

Whenever necessary, mildly wash the awareness flag in a washing machine. They require vey little upkeep, which saves time and energy. You can also disassemble and re-install them promptly.

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