Protect Health Care Workers Stay at Home Vinyl Posters

Protect Health Care Workers Stay at Home Vinyl Posters

  • Using preprinted images allows for a more efficient purchase process.
  • The advertising posters have a lengthy lifespan thanks to durable vinyl and film.
  • A personalized product available in many sizes, with customization options.
  • Consider purchasing multiple vinyl posters to receive a bulk discount. 
  • The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

Protect Healthcare Workers with Vinyl Stay at Home Posters

These Vinyl Posters Help Protect Medical Employees

Medical facilities and other institutions are hunting for clear communication strategies to support healthcare personnel and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Stay-at-home posters encourage everyone to stay at home and help keep the town safe, while showing support for the medical community. The posters are a simple, unique, ready-to-use solution to meet the needs of your local business.

The posters feature a 100-micron thick paper with a graphic weight of 130 grams per square meter (GSM). The posters' fabrication uses 100-micron film and monomeric calendered vinyl, making the poster exceptionally sturdy.

With 720 dots per inch (dpi) and full-color printing, the advertising posters on offer provide increased visibility. The colorful visuals will draw the attention of passers-by, which will aid in the spread of your message.

Vinyl posters come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to customize the posters to your exact specifications. Choose from a variety of lamination and ultraviolet (UV) printing options and application methods. This enables you to gain a product that is specifically matched to your requirements.

Hospital Posters are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

If you want to fulfill your social obligation, advertising posters are a great way to do so. Because it doesn't use any toxic elements, the eco-solvent printing technique is environment-friendly.

Preprinted graphics save time and work that would help achieve other goals. The posters are ready to hang and make it simple to alert readers to your message.

Bulk Order Discounts on Clinic Posters

Order as few as two or up to 500 stay home signs and take advantage of bulk order discounts. Place your order based on your budget, requirements, and the size of your small business.

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