Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners

Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners

  • Lightweight build allows swift installation.
  • Long lasting durable aluminum frame and polyester fabric.
  • Hanging hardware allows for an easy setup.
  • The full-color polyester fabric has a zipper.

Stand Apart From the Competition Using Circle Hanging Banners

Circle Hanging Banners Offer Increased Durability, Portability, and Easy Setup

During marketing events, such as exhibitions and trade shows, you often find multiple businesses that offer the same products or services. To stand out from your competition, it’s important to use high-visibility tools such as signage. Our circle hanging banners come in elegant layouts that help you outperform competitors. Their ceiling-mounted installation ensures maximum visibility from varying distances.

The hanging banners come with sturdy polyester fabric that resists wear. Their anodized coated aluminum hardware can tolerate exposure to moisture and outdoor elements for increased durability. Since they last long, the hanging banners require no frequent replacement, which saves you costs.

With lightweight hardware and graphic materials, our advertising banners are easily portable. Their lightweight construction simplifies handling and allows swift movement to the next trade show.

The circular hanging banner packages include hardware such as bungee poles, curved poles, and built-in push-lock pins to facilitate swift installation. They come with hanging kits that contain hooks and slings for easy setup.

Polyester Fabric Banners Are Highly Visible and Easy to Maintain

Our fabric banners come with full-color prints that promptly capture the attention of prospective clients with ease. Their full-bleed dye-sublimation prints create crisp visuals. Opt for double-sided prints to display two contrasting messages or graphics using a single piece of signage.

Caring for the low-maintenance banners is easy and takes little time. They support hand and machine washing for increased versatility. Remove wrinkles after cleaning using an iron. Be sure to place a plain paper between the fabric and iron plate to prevent damage.

Large Volume Orders on Full-Color Banners Attract a Discount

Place an order of two or more circular full-color banners today to take full advantage of our bulk quantity discount. This discount helps you save on ad costs and also helps reduce your purchase frequency.

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