Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners

Skytube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners


Fly High Above the Competition

  • Lightweight & durable aluminium frame
  • Full color polyester fabric with zipper
  • Hanging hardware included

Thinking about how to represent your business at the next tradeshow? Wish to represent your business in the most prominent way possible? Thinking to outperform your competition? Then what are you waiting for? Get our Sky Tube Tapered Circle Hanging Banners, if you intend to stand apart from the crowd.

The thing about effective promotion is that it serves to make visible something that may otherwise be invisible. This is what we have to offer. Instead of promoting like a nobody, become a somebody in the eyes of your potential customers. This is something which we specialize in. Our banners will represent you in front of your customers in the most memorable way possible.

Why choose this product?

The Tapered Circle Hanging Banner Displays have a circular surface which you can use to display your graphics and message. The banner is designed such that it makes you visible from anywhere on the event floor. You can choose to have both the sides printed or just one side. Our banner displays are made using aluminum tube framework which is designed very carefully. We offer you a high quality fabric graphic which has been dye sublimated. This is then stretched over the frame, much like a pillow case. These result in an eye catching, smooth and large sign that is visible to everyone at the event.

The benefits that you get

If you intend to be the centre of attraction at a tradeshow then you need our banners. Our products can make you a celebrity at every tradeshow. You are guaranteed to stand out against your competition. This exactly what our products are designed for. We ensure that your presence is the most memorable when compared with the competing businesses. Since our attractive banners are visible form a considerable distance, there is no way they can miss them.

Our display are made form a lighter version of aluminum making handling and set up easy. Even one person would be enough to set it up if you are short staffed. Apart from this we use state of the art dye sublimation machines or vinyl material for graphic printing. We print using full colors so that you have more choice with the design.