Wash your Hands Frequently Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Wash your Hands Frequently Straight Pillow Case Backdrop


Raise Pandemic Awareness and Caution With Straight Pillowcase Backdrops

  • Choose from three backdrop sizes.
  • Bold text and vibrant illustrations catch the eye.
  • The stretchy fabric stays wrinkle-free for a smooth appearance.
  • A high-quality metal frame provides stability.
  • The pre-designed and pre-printed signage help you save time.

Hospital Backdrops With Text and Graphics

Even with a raging pandemic, it's easy for people to forget simple hygiene practices unless you remind them. Your company needs portable signs to raise awareness about the need for proper and constant handwashing. Our pillowcase backdrops let you send the message to a large audience easily. With a portable structure, these backdrops enable easy transport. Use them in clinics, conferences, shops, and other locations to do your part in stopping the spread of viruses.

Each backdrop comes with pre-printed text and illustrations that contrast well with a blue background for easy visibility. Produced through dye sublimation, the backdrops won't fade easily. They feature a resolution of 1440 DPI for clarity.

The metal frames are lightweight for simple transportation. With stretchable construction, the fabrics retain a wrinkle-free appearance. A discrete zipper at the bottom of the signage lets you secure the fabric onto the frame. To clean the fabric, machine wash and press with a hot iron.

Our backdrops won't fray or tear easily, and they retain their colors after washing. Their water-resistant qualities make them suitable for outdoor use. The metal frames resist rusting and corrosion, proving to be a good choice for outdoor events.

Customize Your Medical Backdrop

There are three backdrop sizes, so choose an option that fits their application. The marketing materials come pre-printed, so you won't need to spend time designing and editing. They have a universal format that works for a wide variety of businesses.

You can order single-sided and double-sided backdrops. One-sided backdrops are suitable for placing against the wall, while front-and-back printing works well in places where visitors can approach it from both sides.

Business-Friendly Straight Pillowcase Backdrop Offers

Our sliding-scale pricing enables individuals and businesses to place orders without limitations. Save money every time you order two or more units of the same sign so you can post multiple notices for better message retention.

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