We are Closed due to Covid-19 Vinyl Banners

We are Closed due to Covid-19 Vinyl Banners

  • Sturdy polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flex enhances durability of banners.
  • High-quality printing generates extraordinarily vivid graphics that are distinguishable from afar.
  • Customize the banners as per your requirements.
  • Lightweight delivery banners offer portability.
  • Preprinted messages save time to ensure quick installation.

Let Your Clients Know About the Status of Your Operations With Vinyl Banners

Premium Quality Restaurant Banners Are Customizable and Durable

If you own a local facility, you may have to comply with certain restrictions caused by unforeseen circumstances. An establishment, such as a restaurant, may need to close, owing to orders from the government or a public emergency. Such alterations in business should not affect your clientele. It becomes important to inform your clients and customers about the current operating status of your local business in such situations. We offer high-quality restaurant banners that strive to inform your customers about the temporary closure of your establishment in the most efficient manner.

Featuring a weather-resistant PVC flex structure, our delivery banners maintain durability even with long-term outdoor applications. You may display the signage wherever you want to garner as much attention as you need, both inside and outside your facility.

With 720 dots per inch (dpi), high-resolution, full-color printed graphics, our 'we are closed' banners offer a visually appealing means of communication between you and your target audience. The printed banners feature stunning colors with perfect contrast and saturation, attracting people from afar.

PVC flex banners are easily customizable. You may choose from any of our standard sizes or specify the exact dimensions you require. You may go with double-sided prints for enhanced visibility. Our advertising banners are upgradable to premium variants that are more durable and feature higher resolution prints. For installation, you get to choose from five hanging options. Go with wind flaps for a windy region or choose laminated banners to ensure better resistance to abrasion. We offer accessories such as banner clips, nylon ropes, bungee cords, and wall brackets for quick and easy installation.

Lightweight Advertising Banners Come Ready to Use

Banners weigh light, hence can be easily moved and relocated. The restaurant banners are reusable so you can store them and put them to display in the future, ensuring a greater return on investment.

Our signage comes preprinted and requires no modifications from your end. The PVC flex banners come ready to use right out of the box. Unpack the shipment, install the banners at the designated areas, and save time for strategizing your next business move.

We Are Closed Banners Are Low Maintenance

If you spot any grime or debris on the banners, simply wipe it off with a damp towel. You do not require any special detergent to clean the banners.

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