Metal Signs

Metal Signs

  • The sturdy aluminum sheet is corrosion-resistant.
  • We produce sharp, high-resolution photos through high-quality printing.
  • Select your sign dimensions. 
  • The materials are recyclable to help the environment.

Give Instructions or Promote Special Offers with Metal Signs

Metal Signs Have 620 DPI Resolution to Make Them Legible

If you own a small business, you understand how important it is to communicate clearly in order to keep things running smoothly, raise awareness, and keep your clients safe. To maintain compliance, you must remind clients, visitors, and other people regularly. Rigid signs are a wonderful way to communicate important information to people both inside and outside your company. 

Made of 1.2 mm thick corrosion-resistant aluminum sheeting, our personalized metal signs are weather-resistant. The signs can survive abrasion since the material has a high tensile strength. The resilience allows you to use the signs to communicate with others, both inside and outside.

The printing technique employs a 600 DPI resolution to produce sharp, high-quality graphics are visible from a distance. Aluminum sign board with full-color UV printing has a brilliant finish that draws attention, which leads to better communication.

Choose from a variety of sizes, including bespoke sizes, as well as non-reflective or reflective materials, depending on your needs. We offer four different mounting options to assist you in choosing the best one. You can either upload your own art, use one of our templates, or hire a professional to assist you. For consistent color on your metal signage, choose the Pantone (PMS) Color Match option.

Metal Signs are Both Easy to Install and Environment-Friendly

To avoid inadvertent harm from sharp edges, personalized metal signs have 1-inch radius rounded corners. It enables you to install the signage without the help of a professional.

To aid the community and the environment, we print the printed metal sign using an environment-friendly printing technology that emits no pollutants into the air. The material is recyclable and keeps its qualities for a long time. It reduces your carbon footprint and allows your firm to fulfill its social obligations.

Purchase Metal Signs in Bulk and Save

Purchase vast quantities of personalized metal signs based on your budget and requirements. Discounts are available in quantities ranging from 2 to over 500 units to help you stick to your budget.

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