31.5'' Round Stretch Table Covers - Red

31.5'' Round Stretch Table Covers - Red

  • A 31.5” Stretch Table Cover available in an eye-catching red color.
  • Premium quality 180 GSM highly stretchable fabric that comes with High-quality print.
  • Can be machine or hand washed.
  • Dries quickly and is iron safe.
  • Manufactured with a highly elastic and durable fabric.

Red Round Stretch Table Covers Made With Supreme Quality Stretch Fabric.

A regular bare table does not have a lasting visual impact. However, our round stretch table covers are sure to give a modern twist to your otherwise conventional tablespace. These table covers, crafted with premium-grade stretch fabric, ensure full coverage and render a sleek look to your tables.

The use of highly elastic material gives your table the perfect fit while also protecting your lavish tables from stains and scratches. You don't have to worry about your covers moving off the table, as these highly stretchable covers stay in place regardless of any pulls.

These covers do not incur high maintenance costs as they come with easy laundry options. They are convenient to use as all you have to do is slip them on your table and the stretchable fabric takes care of itself.

Available in vibrant shades, owing to 1440DPI dye-sublimation print, these round table covers not only perform the function of protecting your tables but are, at the same time, exceedingly appealing visually.

Easy To Maintain Stretchable Table Covers

The use of highly durable material enables our table covers to withstand machine and hand wash without losing shape or color. Although the less absorbent material prevents these table covers from staining, they can conveniently be wiped clean or even laundered. The material is resilient, unshrinkable, and wrinkle-free that negates the need for any ironing. However, it is safe to iron if you wish to do so.

High-Resolution Dye-Sublimation Printed Stretch Table Covers That Are Visually Appealing

The Dye-sublimation printing used in our table covers furnishes vibrant-looking results. It also allows the fabric to fold, making it portable. This printing technique results in the creation of a material that is lightweight and color-fast. Despite multiple laundry sessions, the brilliance of color is intact and does not fade over time. With our stretch table covers, you can add a touch of elegance, upgrading your tablespace without much hassle.