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Custom Table Covers

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Premium White Table Covers & Throws
Std for 4' x 2.5' table Starts at $90.00
Premium Full Color Table Covers & Throws
Std for 4' x 2.5' table Starts at $105.00
Customized Table Runners
2' x 5' Starts at $22.50
Fitted Table Cover
4' x 2.5' Starts at $125.00
Stretch Table Cover
4' x 2.5' Starts at $130.00
Rectangle Table Toppers
2.5' x 4' Starts at $65.81
Round Stretch Table Cover
31.5" x 29" Starts at $84.17
Round Fitted Table Cover
31.5" x 29" Starts at $80.18
Convertible/Adjustable Table Cover
6' x 2.5' Starts at $215.00
Pleated Table Cover
4' x 2.5' Starts at $183.00
Cross Over Table Cover
4' x 2.5' Starts at $185.00
Round Spandex Table Top Cover
31.5" x 31.5" Starts at $65.00
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For grabbing attention at tradeshows, exhibitions and wherever you choose to promote your business
Do you often attend exhibitions and trade shows for marketing your business? The next time you do, take our custom table covers and table throws with you. Table throws and covers are a great for promotional purposes, giving your booth a refined look so that you stand out at the event.

The product is designed so that it drapes the table completely and hangs down on the side, completely covering up the rugged and battered surface.

Contributing to the success of your tradeshow, exhibitions and promotional events

Because they make your table prominent and compel people to take notice of you!

  • Versatile usage and application – can be used at any event such as job fairs, hotels, trade shows and more! You can even use them at conferences, meetings with clients and so on.
  • Affordable – cheap table covers and throws are available at very low rates and incur lesser costs when compared to other advertising strategies.
  • Reusable – table throws and covers can easily be washed if they become dirty, allowing you to reuse them again and again for as many events as you like
  • Customizable – custom table covers can be designed as per your requirements

Two styles to choose from

  • Standard table throw and cover – completely covers your display table and conceals the rugged appearance which trade show tables generally have
  • Convertible table throw and cover – offers a flexible solution to cover tables of any size

A huge collection of customer and cheap table throws and table covers at Best of Signs
Best of Signs has a large collection of table throws and covers in several sizes, colors and styles. All our products feature quality and durability, allowing you to utilize them for promotional purposes for prolonged periods.

Best of Signs uses easy to wash, wrinkle resistance and flame resistant fabrics for all our table clothes and covers. The product size and design can be customized s per your needs. If you choose convertible table throw or table cover, you will be able to use it for tables of all sizes.

So order custom table covers and table throws, and make your next big promotional event a huge success!