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Feather Flags
2' x 7.58' Starts at $50.00
( 4.82/5 )
Rectangle Flags
2' x 1' Starts at $12.00
( 4.82/5 )
Blade Flags
2' x 7.58' Starts at $50.00
( 4.82/5 )
Teardrop Flags
2.08' x 5' Starts at $50.00
( 4.82/5 )
Concave Flags
1.75' x 6.25' Starts at $64.50
( 4.82/5 )
Shark Fin Flags
2.3' x 6.5' Starts at $63.95
( 4.82/5 )
Giant Flag Pole
2.63' x 10.17' Starts at $330.00
( 4.82/5 )
Pinpoint Flags
43" x 86" Starts at $83.68
( 4.82/5 )
Triangle Flags
1' x 1' Starts at $12.00
( 4.82/5 )
Pre-Printed Sale Feather Flag - Blue
1.55' x 5.5' Starts at $18.00
( 4.82/5 )
Pre-Printed Sale Feather Flag - Red
1.55' x 5.5' Starts at $18.00
( 4.82/5 )
Pre-Printed Sale Feather Flag - Red, White & Blue
1.55' x 5.5' Starts at $18.00
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Need Custom Flags for an Event? No Problem

Best of Signs also specializes in personalized flags for all occasions whether you need to market your business at an exhibition or cheer for your favorite sports team in style. Not only do we carry stock flags, we also make it possible for clients to custom print their own designs.

Our flags are meant to last. Choose from a variety of options for your particular flags. Order personalized flags for your corporation and more.

Personalized Flags

Customized flags from Best of Signs can satisfy the finickiest customers. Do you have a cause to celebrate? Tell us your ideas and we will design a flag that you can wave to let everyone know your elation. Choose from a variety vibrant colors and fabrics. Our unique signage is suitable for every event imaginable from weddings to graduations and more. Stick a personalized flag on your boat or display your family's coat of arms in your front yard.

Digital Printing

Digital printing can apply itself to a variety of substrates from polyester and vinyl to mesh and blends. Display entire backdrops or other types of settings. Unlike one dimensional printing, 3D digital printing offers clients versatility and is suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

Applique Sewing

Flags have been applique sewn since ages past. Bestofsigns continues the trend. We pride ourselves on providing hand-made sewn flags. Applique sewn flags are known for being durable which is why they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

We provide cheap flags for any project.

Paper Flags

Do you need small or large paper flags to personalize a dinner with delegates? We have them all. Custom paper flags have proven to be a cost effective way for clients to promote events or parades and can be the same for you. We have various sizes available in stock and can customize them according to your unique preferences.

Toothpick Flags

Tiny flags scream cute, plus they add a touch of elegance and fun to any event. We can personalize your toothpick flags. Stick them on cup cakes or any other choice of confectionary for an event or party. Use cupcake flags for exquisite centerpieces in your party, hold sandwiches together with flair or label appetizers for your customers. We ensure that your customized toothpick flags grab attention.