31.5'' Round Stretch Table Covers - White

31.5'' Round Stretch Table Covers - White

  • Tailored from high-quality spandex material with 70:30% stretchability.
  • Fitted round table cover with a 31.5” diameter.
  • Rubber inserts present at the base to prevent damage.
  • Lightweight construction with weight 180 GSM.

Custom White Round Stretch Table Covers to Harmonize With the Decor

White is one of the most versatile colors that can complement any other shade. It features prominently at weddings, banquets, and commercial places like hotels and office lobbies. So if you are looking for inspiration on how to dress up your circular table for such events, the White Round Stretch Table Covers are a great place to start.

The table cover measures 31.5 inches by 29 inches and is suitable for round tables the full-length coverage masks the table legs.

If you are worried about the white round stretch table covers catching dirt or soiling, then you can seek relief in the fact that these table covers are washable - both by hand and in a washing machine.

You can customize the appearance of the table covers by picking an entirely different shade of red, blue, or black if that matches your decor.

Get Value For Your Money With High-Quality Stretch Table Covers

These form-fitting, stretchable table covers are made from high-quality, durable spandex that can put up a solid fight against wear and tear. It derives a chunk of its material strength from the fact that it is extremely flexible and highly stretchable with the ability to return to its original size and shape. As such, it is less prone to tearing and ripping even under duress.

Apart from the elasticity, the fibers are resistant to abrasion which maintains the integrity of the fabric. It is also heat-resistant, does not form static, which makes the table covers even more durable. The bulk order discount is an added incentive made available just so you can save considerably on bulk purchases.

Stretchable Round Table Covers That Offer a Flattering Fit

Made from premium spandex material, the fabric enjoys high stretchability, which offers the round table a tight hug. The fitting drape covers the table snugly and cinches at the middle for a sleek appearance. The geometrically attractive shape along with the taut fit offers sharp lines along the edges, which offers form and dimension to the round table covers. And finally, the wrinkle-free finishing offers a professional look to your table and elevates its style. Every element of the product complements the fitting and adds to its visual appeal in every possible way.