4' Stretch Table Covers - Black - Zipper Back


Customizable Black Table Covers

With tables being used in almost every setting, table covers become essential to keep. Our black stretch table covers with black zipper backs can protect your tables from any stains and scratches. They are also quite cost-effective since they last a long time.

Our black table covers can also stretch to fit any kind of standard 4 feet table. They are made using the stretch fabric of the highest quality, with a 70/30% stretchability. Whether it is for a display booth, outdoor fair, banquet, or folding table for small spaces, these covers are ideal.

Our table covers are made of premium quality stretch polyester fabric and dyed black using dye-sublimation printing. This makes them very lightweight, elegant, and attractive and gives them a very polished appeal.

Our black table covers also come equipped with a zipper at the back to tightly conform to the shape of all kinds of 4 feet tables. These table covers are also functional in all kinds of settings, from the windy outdoor fairs to the more sophisticated indoor events.

Customizable Black Table Covers for Optimum Usage

These zipper table covers are highly customizable to suit your needs. So, depending on whether you require a 3-sided or a 4-sided table cover, you can look for an option that best meets your requirement.

The durable stretch fabric of the table cover makes it highly convenient to use on a regular basis. You can simply place it on a table and stretch it to fit snugly around the edges of the table without worrying about creases and wrinkles.

Easy to Maintain Table Covers

Meant for convenient and seamless use, these black table covers are very easy to maintain. They can be washed as frequently as required without worrying about the fabric fading. Simply dry it afterward and iron out the wrinkles if required.

If you buy these in a large quantity, you can also avail yourself of our progressive bulk discounts. This makes these table covers geat value for money.