4' Stretch Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

4' Stretch Table Covers - Blue - 4 Sided

  • Stretch fabric for ease of use and versatility.
  • Full-color dye-sublimation printing using 1440 DPI.
  • 180GSM fabrics to last wear and tear.
  • Bulk purchase discount available on larger orders.

Thick and Durable Blue Stretch Four Sided Table Covers

Besides serving as an ornamental covering, table covers come in handy when you are trying to conceal the inherent flaws of your table. Be they scratches or stains that just do not seem to budge, table covers rescue you from impending embarrassment. Our blue stretch four-sided table covers are your best bet. They're the ideal way to cover your tables and prevent further damage to them.

These blue table covers are made 180GSM stretch fabric. This makes them thick and durables and ensures that they last all signs of wear and tear. Their durability makes them perfect for regular use both at home and for commercial events.

Printed with high-resolution dye-sublimation printing, our table covers exude remarkable print quality. The prints are long-lasting and do not fade away or crack even after multiple laundering sessions.

These table covers are incredibly versatile and can also be customized based on size. This ensures that you have uniformity across all your tabletops.

Blue Table Covers With High-Resolution Dye-Sublimation Printing

Our blue table covers are printed with high-resolution dye-sublimation printing at 1440DPI. This ensures a high-quality print that won't fade with time. The result is a table cloth that remains new even after years of use.

Versatile and Customizable Table Covers

Our blue table covers are incredibly versatile. You can use them across tabletops to ensure a sense of uniformity. Further, you can also have them customized to suit the sizes of your tables.

The best part is that if you buy these table covers in large quantities, you can avail yourself of our bulk discounts. This makes them an incredibly cost-effective purchase and a must-have for your interiors!