4' Stretch Table Covers - Blue

4' Stretch Table Covers - Blue

  • Long-lasting blue stretch table covers.
  • Versatile and elegant blue table covers.
  • Easy to maintain stretch fabric with 70/30% stretchability.
  • Bulk discounts available on purchase of large quantities.

Durable Blue Stretch Table Covers

Do you have an event on the horizon? You must be looking for ways to make the event more sophisticated. While you pay close attention to the decor, don't forget to think about the tables as well. Having tables that match and also complement the theme of the event is an absolute must. The easiest way to achieve this is by using table toppers.

The blue stretch table covers are the ideal solution for those who host events regularly and need reliable and durable table covers. These table toppers are designed to last a long time.

The 180GSM stretch fabric is one of the best fabrics that you can ask for in blue table covers. The superior quality of the material ensures its longevity and prevents wear and tear.

The full-color 1440DPI dye-sublimation printing is another reason for the table cover's durability, as the color will not fade even after multiple washes. The blue stretch table cover will continue to look as good as new years after you bought it.

Versatile Blue Table Covers With Low Upkeep

When there is a crowded event, you don't want your guests tripping over the table cloth and causing an accident. The blue stretch table covers cover all the sides of the table without posing a risk to the guests of tripping. These table toppers are available as three-sided, four-sided, or four-sided with a zipper back. You can choose the ideal design based on your needs. These stretch table covers are ideal for every event.

It is only natural that you may have to wash the table toppers after a couple of uses or even after a single use. You can easily do so in a machine or by hand, making them very easy to maintain.

Customizable Table Toppers

These blue table covers can also be customized in terms of size. This works best when you have tables of varying sizes and want to keep the decor uniform.

Lastly, you can also avail yourself of our bulk discounts when you purchase these table covers in large quantities. This makes them great value for money.