4' Stretch Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

4' Stretch Table Covers - Red - Zipper Back

  • Long-lasting and durable table covers for long term use.
  • Highly stretchable fabric up to 70/30%.
  • Quality full-color red table cover.
  • Fits seamlessly and is easy to maintain.

Durable Red Table Covers

For any interior setting, you need a handful of tables to arrange things in order. A table cover is necessary to ensure that they appear maintained and orderly to your customers or guests. This also helps when you want to protect the wood from scratches and stains. Our red stretch table covers with red zippers are the perfect solution. They perfectly stretch across your tabletops, protecting them from damage and adding to the appeal of your interiors.

Their high-quality build ensures that these table covers can sustain wear and tear for years. The 180GSM fabric ensures this durability and keeps your red table cover looking fresh at all times.

These table covers are made from 70/30% stretchable fabric. This ensures you can stretch them across any tabletop of the recommended dimensions with ease. This stretchability also means that they look free of creases and wrinkles when they're laid out.

You can also have these table covers customized to fit a table of your size. With this, you can ensure a sense of uniformity across all your tables without having to look for other options.

Red Stretch Table Covers With Zipper

Designed with zippers on the back, these table covers easily fit a 4’ table. They are made with quality stretchable material that easily fits around your table for a perfect fit. A zipper feature provides easy functionality to the table cover so that it can be placed and removed at your convenience. These table covers are custom made since they can easily fit tables measuring 4 feet * 2.5 feet.

The vibrant red color of the table cover makes it ideal for interior decoration for a particular event or occasion. Equipping your tables with these table covers ensures that your interiors look their best at all times.

Customizable Red Table Covers

These table covers can also be customized to fit all the tables in your house or office. This means you won't have to go looking for different covers for differently sized tables. As a result, you can ensure a sense of uniformity across your interiors and make them look well thought out.