4' Stretch Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

4' Stretch Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

  • Easy customization depending on your specific requirement.
  • Quality stretchable fabric that remains intact for a long time.
  • White color fabric has rich density.
  • Very easy to maintain for long-term use.

Customized White Stretch Four Sided Table Covers

Table covers are important prerequisites for all kinds of social establishments, from banquets and restaurants to medical facilities and office spaces. In addition to being ornamental, table covers also help protect tables from any stains or scratches.

So, whether it is for a wedding or an outdoor party, these white table covers can quickly give your table a perfect canopy-like covering. The customizable table covers are ideal for your specific requirement.

Made from high-quality stretch fabric, the table covers can stretch to fit a 4ft standard display table, folding table, or even banquet table. Use these white table covers to match any kind of social setting or décor. The stretch fabric will also help keep the table cover firmly in place.

Each of these white table covers has been printed using dye-sublimation printing on high-quality polyester fabric, making it very lightweight. The colors are printed with special inks that can withstand several weather conditions. This makes these table covers suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

White Table Covers That Are Functional And Easy To Clean

Are you looking for something functional, as well as easy to maintain and clean? These white four-sided table covers are your best bet.

Being stretchable in nature, our table covers eliminate any need for the use of pins or clips to hold them in place. The design and style of the table cover make it easier to keep them from moving. Additionally, this also makes the cover resistant to wrinkles, and thus, easy to clean and maintain.

White Table Covers with Dye-sublimation Printing

Thes table covers are also made with high-resolution dye-sublimation printing at 1440DPI. This technique ensures that the print doesn't fade with time and is also suitable for outdoor use as a result. This is because it won't be affected by direct sunlight.