4' Stretch Table Covers - White

4' Stretch Table Covers - White

  • Highly customizable fit for tabletops.
  • Quality fabric with stretchability ensures a perfect fit.
  • Full-color, 1440DPI dye-sublimation printing.
  • Lasts for years with the use of durable fabric.

Customized White Table Covers For Your Interiors

Maintaining interior spaces can be a task if you are not equipped with the right accessories. For your business, using tables may be an indispensable necessity. While you can always let them stand on their own, high-quality table covers can amp up the space. Our white stretch table covers are the perfect way to do this.

These table covers are customized to give your tables the best fit. They measure 4ft * 2.5ft and can fit a table close to these dimensions without any fuss. Once put in place, you can easily turn your attention towards more vital elements of your business. These table covers will take care of making your space look welcoming and well-planned.

Crafted with durable 180GSM fabric, these white table covers are ideal for decorating your tables. With easy stretchability, they can easily fit a table without needing you to spend a lot of time or effort.

We offer a wide range of table covers that remain durable for long-term use. Each of these table covers is crafted with high-quality fabric, which remains intact without needing a replacement for a long time. You can make your interiors look more sophisticated with these table covers adorning the surface of the tables.

White Stretch Table Covers With Durable Materials

These table covers are made of 70/30% stretchable fabric. This makes them ideal when you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and creases when they're spread out over a table.

The high-quality fabric also ensures that these table covers last you a long time. They're built to ensure all signs of wear and tears for years, ensuring they look new every single time.

Easy to Maintain Table Covers In White

While white might come across as a difficult color to maintain, nobody can deny its appeal. So for all those times when you prioritize decor over practicality, remember that it doesn't always have to be this way. Our white table covers are very easy to maintain. You can easily machine or hand-wash them if they get soiled.

Further, if you want to get rid of any creases or wrinkles, you can simply iron them before laying them over a table's surface. The nature of the fabric ensures it looks brand new even after years of use.