6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - Black

6' Convertible/Adjustable Table Covers - Black

  • Elegantly designed 6' polyester table cover.
  • Adjustable to suit tables of varying sizes.
  • Customizable with logos, taglines, and other branding elements.
  • Wrinkle-free fabric that is easy to maintain.

Durable 6' Convertible Adjustable Table Covers In Black

Do you have a large 6' dining table that you want to cover up when inviting guests over? Or are you using this table at a commercial exhibition? If you want to keep your table safe from stains and scratches, using a table cover is the best way forward. Our black convertible table covers must be on top of your list.

These table covers are made of a durable polyester fabric of 170GSM. This ensures that they're long-lasting and can weather all signs of wear and tear. This durability also allows you to use these table covers regularly without wearing them out.

These table covers are also adjustable. The velcro fasteners let you adjust them to fit tables of all sizes, despite being designed for one that's 6' long.

These adjustable table covers are also very easy to use and maintain. You can easily wash them in the machine or by hand, and the polyester ensures quick drying. If you want, you can even iron them to get rid of any wrinkles and creases.

Adjustable Convertible Table Covers

The table covers with a simple innovation that lets you reuse them for tables of varying sizes. They come with sturdy velcro fasteners that let you quickly adjust the size of the table cover, even though it is fitted for a larger size. The finish is impeccable, and the adjustments are not visible.

The table covers are especially convenient when events cater to a variety of needs and also last-minute bookings for events that require smaller table sizes. You don't need to worry, and you can be confident that the final look and feel of the table cover will be impeccable.

Easy to Maintain Adjustable Table Covers

The black color of the convertible table covers makes it tough to detect stains. It gives them a professional look that easily blends in with any venue's theme and decor.

The polyester material used also ensures that these table covers dry quickly, so they're ready for your event in no time. If you want to spruce up their appearance, you can also iron them to get rid of wrinkles and creases.