6' Stretch Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

6' Stretch Table Covers - White - 4 Sided

  • 4-sided white table covers crafted from high-quality material.
  • Made to fit a table of size 6 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide.
  • Printed using the dye-sublimation technique in full color.
  • Durable covers with a 70/30% stretchability rate.

6' White Stretch Table Covers made from High-Grade Durable Fabric

Uniquely designed to meet your specific needs, our stretch 4 sided table covers are the perfect addition to your trade show booth. Made to fit your 6 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide table, our tailor-made stretch table covers are sure to provide protection at all times. Crafted with utmost care and precision, our covers are built from high-quality polyester fabric to create an impact like never before.

Printed with a dye-sublimation technique, our covers guarantee attractive visual aesthetics that last long. Created with a printing resolution of 1440 DPI in full color, our stunning stretch table covers are earmarked to capture your hearts.

Along with high-grade printing techniques, our covers are built from stretchable fabric to provide better comfort and flexibility. Engineered to meet your requirements, the 4 sided table covers come with a stretchability rate of 70/30%.

A blend of strength and durability, our neatly designed 4 sided stretch covers can withstand a lot of external elements. Strong and stylish, our covers are ideal to make event tables look professional as well as accessible at the same time.

6’ Stretch Table Covers with Smart Graphic Care Instructions

Available in 180 GSM stretch fabric, our premium-quality table covers come with easy graphic care instructions to wash, dry, and remove wrinkles. To keep the stretch table cover in impeccable condition, you can clean it in a washing machine at regular temperature with mild detergent.

Additionally, cover drying options include drip/ line dry or tumble dry at the gentlest setting for best results. To remove the wrinkles, ironing must be done using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate. If the cover is completely dry, iron at high temperature whereas when the cover is moist, iron at moderate temperature.

4 Sided Stretch Table Covers Available at Special Bulk Discounts

Designed to use extensively without having to worry about fading colors, our stretch table covers are offered at the lowest prices. Along with it, a bulk quantity discount is also available on table covers. The more stretch table covers you order at once, the lower it would cost you overall.

Simple to order and obtain, all you have to do is add it to the cart and place the order. Shipped right to your doorstep, our covers come with free shipping for orders above $99. Order now!