Blue Inflatable Tube Man

Blue Inflatable Tube Man


Inflatable Tube Man Advertises Business to Potential Customers

  • Durable polyamide nylon material resists wear and tear.
  • The 600D PVC nylon bottom material withstands strong winds.
  • Dye-sublimation printing technology produces images that are fade resistant.
  • These tube men are lightweight, so they're easy to transport and install.

Durable Inflatable Tube Man

If you own a business, you need to make people notice it, especially when running sales promotions. An innovative or unusual method turns heads and gets potential customers interested in your business. Air dancers have become a common advertisement method which never gets old. Our inflatable tube men are an excellent choice if you want to inject a bit of humor into advertising. The extra visibility attracts customers to your premises while offering entertainment.

The polyamide nylon material is durable and withstands heavy rain or scorching sun. Nylon fabric blended with tarpaulin improves the flexible properties of the tube men for added resilience against rough handling. The bottom part of the inflatable tube men is made from 600D PVC nylon. It securely holds the tube men in position in the harshest winds.

Our dye-sublimation printing technology produces striking images and text that are fade resistant to make the waving men a great choice for outdoor advertisements.

Easily-to-Install Inflatable Dancing Man

The inflatable dancing men are lightweight, so they're easy to transport and install. To deflate and inflate the air dancers, you only need an air blower, which can be included in your order. Our dancing air men are customizable to fit your advertisement or promotional needs. The most popular visual design features include a company logo and sales announcement. Choose from three heights to make the best visual impact on your customers.

Discounts Offered on Inflatable Tube Man

You get a special discount if you buy at least two air dancers. This helps save costs, as the more units you purchase, the lower the unit cost.

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