Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

  • Made using a durable black plastic frame.
  • Available with a handle at the top for lifting the frame.
  • Comes with a 90 days outdoor guarantee.
  • Perfect for tables that are 8 ft. long & 2.5 ft. wide.
  • Special discount available on bulk purchase.

A frame Dry Erase Board for Personal Display Needs

Our A-frame dry erase board is one of the most convenient and useful types of signage available today. Our dry erase board caters to all your personal display needs. You can transform your sales booth into a dynamic and engaging marketing station that is very effective with this board. The size of our dry erase board is 2 ft. x 3 ft. and it is quite portable.

Our A-frame dry erase board is an excellent solution for getting your message out there in an interactive format and then changing it for a different kind of messaging later. The write and erase features of our board make it an excellent value for money.

It’s usable for all your events - be it a conference, an exhibition or a seminar, or simply a useful tool for a kid at home - this dry erase board is a perfect combination of business and personal display needs, making it an excellent choice.

Simply erase the previous message from the board, and it will be ready to communicate a new message. In just a few minutes, your display stand will be ready for use as a means of promoting your company's products and services.

A- Frame Dry Erase Board Made with High-Quality Black Frame & Panels

This classic white and black A-frame on our dry erase board will help you communicate your marketing message exactly the way you want. The white panels make the written message more visible. The erasable panels give you the freedom to write and erase your message as many times as you want.

The durable black frame is equipped with two white panels that allow for two-way communication. Because of the A-shaped support that is built into the frame, the display is always held high and in place during use. Because of the handle on the top, this dry erase A-frame is extremely portable and lightweight.