Red SALE Inflatable Tube

Red SALE Inflatable Tube


Drive Sales With Red Inflatable Men

  • You can hand wash the tubes or use a front load washing machine.
  • Our high-strength polyamide nylon silk is durable, flexible, and versatile.
  • We use dye-sublimation printing for permanent, fade-free colors.
  • Order multiple red tubes for advertising, and we give you a bulk discount.

Increase Store Traffic With Red Inflatable Men

When you have a massive sale and do not advertise, you are not likely to get customers. During a sale, you must advertise to increase attention and also to reach existing and potential customers. There are various forms of advertising that you can engage in. 'Sale' waving tube men are an excellent choice, as they are eye-catching, attention grabbing, and will increase curiosity about your brand. We have a massive 'Sale' tube that can help in growing your sales during the discount period.

We use high-strength polyamide nylon silk. The material is ideal, as it is versatile, durable, and flexible. The nylon material is also an excellent choice, as it does not heat quickly when you use it in high temperatures. We construct the bottom with 600D PVC nylon.

Our inflatable air dancers have a pre-printed 'Sale' message. It's convenient for you and also saves you a considerable amount of time. You can choose to add graphics.

The red inflatable men have a heavy-duty tarpaulin added to the polyamide silk. Tarpaulin is waterproof and flexible, reinforcing the inflatable tube. They have a height of 10 ft., and a diameter of 12 in. You can add a blower.

Increase Sales With Inflatable Dancing Men

Our inflatable men have dye-sublimation printing for vibrant, bright, matched colors with stunning graphics. The dye sublimation makes the colors look good as new after multiple uses.

It's easy to wash our tubes. You can use a front load washing machine or hand wash with a non-bleaching detergent. It's recommended to only hang dry it.

Get a Bulk Discount for Red inflatable Men

Get a bulk discount to make impactful advertising. We give you a bulk discount when you order two more inflatables, which makes the cost per item drop.

Shop red 'Sale' inflatable waving tube men for your organization online at Best of Signs.