Yellow Inflatable Tube Man

Yellow Inflatable Tube Man


Yellow Inflatable Tube Men to Attract Customers

  • Hard-wearing polyamide-nylon makes inflatable tube men long-lasting.
  • They're available in three sizes, with optional blowers. 
  • With dye-sublimation printing, inflatables offer vibrant colors.
  • The online customization tool allows you to brand the air men.

Strong Polyamide Nylon-Silk Yellow Inflatable Tube Men 

Operating a local business on a busy street has its benefits and disadvantages. One major challenge is getting passersby to notice your business. Things get more complicated if the premises are not big enough to draw attention visually. With our yellow inflatable tube men, you don’t have to worry about visibility anymore. This conspicuous break-dancer becomes the center of attention along your street, attracting prospective customers to your business. 

Tube men come in a combination of polyamide-nylon and tarpaulin. This gives them superior flex properties and they can withstand strong winds and rain consistently. 

The bottom material on inflatable waving men is rigid enough to hold the rest of the prop in place. The strong 600 D PVC-nylon keeps tube men in position. There’s no need to shelter the dancing air men whenever it rains.

The dye-sublimation printing technology produces stunning graphics that don’t fade over time. It saves you unnecessary replacement and reprinting costs.

Inflatable Dancing Men Offer Multiple Height Options

These inflatable tube men are available in three heights to meet various unique needs. To function, inflatables require a blower with specific dimensions and characteristics; the blower is an optional purchase.  

Use a mild (non-bleach) detergent/soap and cold water to wash the tube men. The cleaning process is easy and cheap since you can do it by hand, saving money and time.

Buy Yellow Inflatable Tube Men in Bulk to Receive a Discount

Buy several inflatable waving men to receive a special discount. On all orders of two or more tube men, the cost per unit decreases to help you stay within budget.

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